Representation of a Portion Web

This learning Log is completely based on the web on the bottom right, called the ” Portion Web”. This web is used for ” transforming” / representing different expressions into different ways.  As you can see, all the parts of the web are conjoined together and which shows that they can easily be “transformed” into each other but can still be equivalent to the same thing.  Lets give an example: If the decimal was 0.88, and I asked somebody to fill in the web.  To get this question right the person would have to convert the decimal, 0.88 to a fraction and a percent, the easier convert into would definitely be the percent.  So after converting the decimal to a percent then you can using the information of the decimal and the percent, you can then determine the fraction easier.  Therefor, the fraction can be described in different ways: 88/100, 44/50 or 22/25.  The middle phrase ” Words or pictures” means that the fraction, percent and the decimal can all be described in different forms of word or pictures.

Distributive Property


The distributive property is a form of multiplication instead of doing basic algorithm; we could use a different way, which is more complex, but in a way easier to help you fully understand the equation.  The distributive property is when you take each part of a sum for example: 98 and is multiplied by another number lets say 5 (For now we will use a single digit to keep things less complecated) First, you will break down your number into 5(90+8) then it will be a bit like what you do with partials, you will take your equation 5(90+8) and turn it into

5(90) + 5(8) which will then be converted into 450 + 40 = 490




=5(90) + 5(8)

=450 + 40

= 490



As you can see, this form will take a sum that was in the equation 98, that will be multiplied by a single number in this case 5; then each part of the sum: 90+8 will each be multiplied by the single digit: 5: 5(90) + 5(8)