A Letter to a Future Grade 6 Student

Dear Future Grade 6 student,

Firstly, I wanted to say that 6th grade is actually very fun, and it is not that bad.  The best experiences that I have personally experienced in Grade 6 this year was mainly the science labs.  Not only are these labs very educational, but they are also very fun to do.  In one lab, we got to use different chemicals and mix them together.  That was very interesting because we never really get to use real chemicals on a daily basis and I find that very interesting.  Many people find these labs interesting too because once we got to dissect owl pellets.   In my opinion, the hardest subject would be doing Language Arts writing, because personally I don’t really have that much experience with writing, before I came to HKIS, so it was really hard to write a good essay.  However, writing may not be hard for anyone else, it is just my opinion.  There isn’t really any “non challenging” subjects because, basically everything has some kind of challenge within it.  Tips for success are probably to take notes during class, because that can be really helpful and to stay focused, because some things in math are confusing at first.    In all, 6th grade is pretty fun, however one thing I would change, is a little less homework because there are many who have extracurricular classes and it may be slightly stressing for those to have a lot of homework.  Other than that, I feel that there is nothing really to change.


Dear Next Year’s grade 7 Math & Science Teachers,

As for me, I think my best learning style is to use diagrams when doing science, because I am more of a visual thinker.  As for motivation, I am pretty self-motivated, so I think you can just tell me all my flaws so I can improve without hesitating or sugar coating anything.  As for studying for a test I just re-read and re-write out everything I learn until I understand it fully, I also create questions and answer them by writing them on a piece of paper.  Other than that, I like to write down everything  have learnt in both math and science on a piece of paper in “learning log” form, because I feel it is that that really helps me understand.  A few activities I have done and I hope to do more in 7th grade is probably learning logs, because not only do they allow me to show what I have learnt to the teacher so she/he can help me find all my errors and ways I can improve but it also helps me revise and do more reading if I am stuck on the learning log.  I have also enjoyed the labs because I enjoy doing science and actually seeing what happens and how it relates to the world.  My one and only fear of going into seventh grade is that I won’t be able to learn as much as I had hoped and cant develop deeper understanding to the main concept in math class due other reasons,because if I don’t I am afraid that I will not be able to fully understand and be able to elaborate on calculus classes in the future; since calculus is a major part in college, if I don’t do good in calculus classes, it may lower my chances of pursuing my dream job.  However, I still think that that issue is not much of a problem because I also enjoy doing more research outside of the curriculum.   To be honest, I find math and science very fascinating, mainly because of the abstract and conglomerate link between math and science.   My main goal for the coming year is to be able to find the fundamental core of math and science.  Another goal is probably to exceed the standards, not only based on the school curriculum but based on what I think I am capable of in math and also science.  My final goal is probably to be able to REALLY understand math itself and to be able to amplify and develop my knowledge to a different level and that is to really think about the whole world using the infinite wonders math.

CYOA Self-Reflection

In my opinion, I did a okay job at this CYOA, however I don’t think this one was as good as my previous one, and that is because my time management wasn’t as good.  Also, near the end, our story got thinner and thinner, I think I could have improved on making my writing longer and not making everything thinner  near the end.   That is mainly because we had no time.  Even if I did want to make it longer, my peers gave me a kind suggestion for me not to because there was not enough time.  At least we finished the story.  I could have elongated the pages, but I did not have enough time, so this shows how our time management went.  That may be because the tie limit was actually A LOT shorter than I have expected so I had to finish a ton of  work by the last two days.  It was pretty hard, but we got through it.   I have reminded my friends that we had to have 4 choices, but they said it was fine, because quality above quantity was more important.  So I am not very sure about what will happen to our grade in the end.  Even if each of our parts had at least more than 3 or 4 paragraphs, there are some pages with only one path way by the 2nd choice.  Again, I have tried hard to make things longer, but there was just not enough time.  At times, I wouldn’t know how to do some things and my team mates would help me, and at other times, at times my team mate may also have a writers block so we helped too.  So overall, our communication and cooperation turned out very well and cooperative teamwork was no problem for us, our team were very swift when it came to brainstorming ideas because we agreed with basically everything one of us suggested, so this team was a good choice.  My teammates made very good suggestions.  If they hadn’t told me not to make that many choices, I wouldn’t have finished even by now.  I really enjoyed working with them and they were really nice to work with.

Overall grade (Self): AE+

Overall grade (Team): ME-




Temple Reflection

As for our temeple that me Arden and Jeannette made, we used mainly rice krispies for the basic structure of our temple.  For other details and decorations, we used different candies.  Also, for the pediment, we used animal crackers to decorate.  We used an owl to represent Athena.  As for the columns, we used rice kricpies and stuck then to oreos so that they would stand up staight.  Since the top of the temple is very heavy, we first places a piece of cardboard on top of the columns, and we then placed the frieze and the pediment on.

I think next time, we could’ve made the rice krispies a little softer so that it would be easier to mold into different shapes, because this time, the rice krispies were hard and un-easy to mold.  Also, there was no way for the rice krispies to stand properly on the roof.  Other than that, I feel that we should”ve decorated the pediment and frieze better because for ours, there was little to no decorations.  I also think that the columns could have been more sturdy and we should have added more designs.  However, in all, our temple was okay, and it turned out well, because it did not fall and it had the main and basic parts to the temple.

Academic Excellence

I feel that throughout my learning progress, i haven’t exactly reached my goals yet, because to me, academic excellence is when I have truly exceeded myself basically and exceeded my goals.  Many people have different ways of knowing that they have achieved academic excellence, some people think getting a AE is academic excellence, others think an EE is academic excellence.  In my mind, academic excellence is like when you are playing a video game and you achieve another personal high score.   To be specific, maybe others might think I am going bonkers when I say this but, I really want to be able to get EEs on every subject, including my extra- curricular activities, including learning my piano, clarinet, swimming and Chinese   I feel that I have to try harder because I know that if others can do it, like how my father got good scores on his test as a child, and there are people like Albert Einstein that exist in this world, why can’t I give a shot at it too?    As a person, I don’t think I have high standards, I just think that I should try hard and do my best on everything, its just a goal that I can exceed things, not exactly what I think I can do, because I am not that smart, but I think I should try.  In my opinion academic excellence is when you go beyond YOUR personal best, and try YOUR best on what you want to do, it isn’t really about others it is just about YOU.  🙂 <– to keep positive.

Weekly Reflection

Last week, in Science class, we learnt that Mass divided by volume is density and we learnt different things about density and how they relate with other things.  Also, in Social Studies we started on our map of Ancient China and India, we also did the test on India.  For LA, we did more on our free write, which i think is now finished.  A goal I have for this week  is to stay focused, and to not get off task, by mainly avoiding chit chatting with my friends while the teacher is talking.


Last week, in Math/ Science class, out class studied mostly about density for science.  Actually, we did a LOT of density.  My class learnt tons about displacement and finding the density of different objects, and what density is itself.  In math class, we learnt a lot about multiplying fractions, and finding parts of parts, while using diagrams to show out understandings.  Furthermore, we also had to use words to write down how multiplying fractions relates to using a diagram.  In Language Arts class, we did a variety of things.  For example: We worked on our notebooks and studied the different types of characters in a story and the story plot of different stories.  In LA class we also learnt a bit about fused sentences and comma splices.  For Social Studies class, we moved on from ancient Egypt and we started to study ancient parts of Asia.  How we studied ancient Asia is that we had two pieces of paper with a different informative article printed on both papers,  that we read in order to complete a venn diagram.  One of my goals for this week is to further understand density and the properties of matter, because I feel that I might need a bit more studying on that.