CYOA Self-Reflection

In my opinion, I did a okay job at this CYOA, however I don’t think this one was as good as my previous one, and that is because my time management wasn’t as good.  Also, near the end, our story got thinner and thinner, I think I could have improved on making my writing longer and not making everything thinner  near the end.   That is mainly because we had no time.  Even if I did want to make it longer, my peers gave me a kind suggestion for me not to because there was not enough time.  At least we finished the story.  I could have elongated the pages, but I did not have enough time, so this shows how our time management went.  That may be because the tie limit was actually A LOT shorter than I have expected so I had to finish a ton of  work by the last two days.  It was pretty hard, but we got through it.   I have reminded my friends that we had to have 4 choices, but they said it was fine, because quality above quantity was more important.  So I am not very sure about what will happen to our grade in the end.  Even if each of our parts had at least more than 3 or 4 paragraphs, there are some pages with only one path way by the 2nd choice.  Again, I have tried hard to make things longer, but there was just not enough time.  At times, I wouldn’t know how to do some things and my team mates would help me, and at other times, at times my team mate may also have a writers block so we helped too.  So overall, our communication and cooperation turned out very well and cooperative teamwork was no problem for us, our team were very swift when it came to brainstorming ideas because we agreed with basically everything one of us suggested, so this team was a good choice.  My teammates made very good suggestions.  If they hadn’t told me not to make that many choices, I wouldn’t have finished even by now.  I really enjoyed working with them and they were really nice to work with.

Overall grade (Self): AE+

Overall grade (Team): ME-



Temple Reflection

As for our temeple that me Arden and Jeannette made, we used mainly rice krispies for the basic structure of our temple.  For other details and decorations, we used different candies.  Also, for the pediment, we used animal crackers to decorate.  We used an owl to represent Athena.  As for the columns, we used rice kricpies and stuck then to oreos so that they would stand up staight.  Since the top of the temple is very heavy, we first places a piece of cardboard on top of the columns, and we then placed the frieze and the pediment on.

I think next time, we could’ve made the rice krispies a little softer so that it would be easier to mold into different shapes, because this time, the rice krispies were hard and un-easy to mold.  Also, there was no way for the rice krispies to stand properly on the roof.  Other than that, I feel that we should”ve decorated the pediment and frieze better because for ours, there was little to no decorations.  I also think that the columns could have been more sturdy and we should have added more designs.  However, in all, our temple was okay, and it turned out well, because it did not fall and it had the main and basic parts to the temple.

CYOA Reflection and Comments

I feel that as a reflection for me and Kris’s CYOA, we did pretty well, so in my opinion we probably did ME standard work.

As a pair, I think Kris and I cooperated really well and we got things done on time. I think what we need to work on harder next time is with the planning of our CYOA, and to be able to fully complete the CRAAP test.  For our choose your own adventure, I hope people can tell we really did spend a lot of time on our research and the effort we put into our CYOA.

As a self reflection, I feel that next time I need to work harder and to elaborate more  🙂

As for other’s CYOA, I didn’t get permission to comment, so I am going to comment here 🙂

Sonia Tam: I think you did REALLY good on really describing how the character felt, and I loved the way that the whole story flowed and connected REALLY well.  I loved that way how you really went in detail for the story. There is really nothing that I would change!  YOU DID A REALLY GOOD JOB!! I can tell you spent a lot of your time and effort on this!!

Arden and Jeannette: I loved the way you wrote your CYOA, and I really loved the adventure, however, can you please not let the story end so abruptly? I REALLY WANT TO CONTINUE ON YOUR AMAZING ADVENTURE STORY! I suggest you make your choices longer, because most of the time, I wind up at the begining again.  However, overall, yours was SUPER AMAZING!!


This is the link to our CYOA:

Shang Article

The myth of the Shang dynasty foretold a mysterious land with scary people and freaky religious ceremonies and traditions. However, this dynasty had many great inventions and findings.  In fact the Shang dynasty was one of the first dynasties to craft things out of bronze.  Archaeologists all around the world have been trying to decode what this dynasty has left behind.   One of the findings included a bronze vessel.  After studying the vessel, if shared information on the Social Structure, Technology, Religion and the Arts of the Shang.  The vessel is used for sacrifices in honor of sacred or important people.  According the the information gleaned from the few found facts of the Shang, when an important  person dies, it is believed that certain things should be sacrificed and buried with the person for use in his/ her “afterlife”.  Normally, in tombs buried with the person are some slaves to serve him/her;  weapons, jewelry and animals for him/ her in their “afterlife”.  The burial ceremony is just one of the ceremonies that the Shang people hold.  The vessel in this case is used for storing liquid.  It shows social structure because probably only the higher class people, it sort of stated this because these vessels had been made by skilled artisans, on these vessels, the artisans had carefully carved geometric designs and pictures of mythical creatures.   The most common thing on vessels were animal masks.  On these vessels, might have been the wings of a bird, the claws of a dragon, the teeth of a tiger, a leg of a man and the ears of a rabbit.

Some scholars say that these masks have a symbol of all the living beings in the world.  This was later called a taotie.  This item also shows how the technology was like back at that time.  As we can see here, their technology hasn’t yet reached the state of I- Phones and TVs, but they have started to form a basic understanding on how to use fire to make the bronze that is used to craft the vessel and how to use sharp objects to carve things.  The Shang Dynasty was a very well developed dynasty and ,as I had said, was one of the first dynasties to craft things out of bronze.  The artisans must have been very skilled, because they not only know how to properly make bronze, but they also know how to skillfully carve detailed shapes into the bronze.  This vessel also allows us take a peek into the Shang’s religious traditions, too.  It gives us a hint that the Shang probably believed in Gods because of those engravings on the vessels, however, the Shang Dynasty is still a myth to be told.