Snakes and Ladders Remix

This version of Snakes and Ladders was made by me and Simon, and you can have as many players as you want, as long as each player has 1 counter and 4 markers.

Essentially, all players pick 4 cards from a standard deck of playing cards and set their markers on the tiles indicated by the cards (the boards is marked by all the cards in the deck – 52 tiles in total). If a player picks the King of Spades (end tile), then they may choose to place a marker wherever they wish.

Once the markers have been placed, the game is played like regular Snakes and Ladders, only if an opponent player lands on a tile with your marker, they must skip a turn. If you land on a tile with your own marker, then you may roll the dice again or choose to make any one player skip a turn (this rule is reduced to only you rolling again when there are 2 players).

Snakes and ladders work the same way they do in the original game, and the first one to the end tile wins.

*note: I will add photos later with a better view of the board and the markers/counters

Favourite Game

My favourite games so far would probably be Big 2 and Liar’s Dice. This is because they both involve some form of strategy in the gameplay, and both require you to guess your opponents’ hands (for Liar’s Dice, its the whole point of the game; for Big 2, it’s good to know your opponents cards to strategize your play).

I personally enjoy games that some gambling aside from being strategic. We’ve already gone over the rules of Big 2 in class so I won’t repeat them, but below is a video of how to play Liar’s Dice.

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