Encryption Project – APSCA

My encryption program uses a mono-alphabetic substitution cipher, meaning every letter in the alphabet (in my program’s case, both uppercase and lowercase) and every number from 0 to 9 is replaced by another uppercase/lowercase letter or number. I chose to use this encryption because it’s widely regarded as the simplest form of encryption, and I wanted to focus on familiarizing myself with loops and methods (such as .length or .charAt) rather than confuse and frustrate myself trying to do something overly complicated when I don’t even have the basics down yet.

The pros of this encryption method is that it is fairly simple, and doable even by hand (should passing encrypted notes around be necessary for whatever reason). The cons is that it’s easily cribbed or hacked due to it’s simplicity. Overall, it’s a nice tool to prevent friends from reading some personal notes, but isn’t recommended for encrypting passwords or important information.

The flowchart of my program.

Through this project, I have become more comfortable with using loops (particularly for loops), and have learned more about using arrays and searching for specific elements within the array.

* P.S. video will be added later due to technical difficulties. Apologies in advance.

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