Sketchbook Reflection


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  • Describe the work (sketchbook) and how you made it?

The first step to making the sketchbook was to outline the cover page and the back page. So we got an A3 paper and took two cardboard A4 papers and glued them to the A3 paper, leaving a space between the middle of the A3, and the actual paper. By doing this we prevent the pages of the notebook to stick out of the sketchbook. After that we ensured the glue to stay by using masking tape to solidify the binding. Then we designed the cover page. After we started to design the cover page I then folded in half 12 pieces of paper, for the inside of the sketchbook.We then punched holes every 3cm in the masking tape binding with a nail and a hammer. Then we bind the papers to the cover page by stitching it together. Finally we got to tie off the string and our sketchbook finished.  For mine, I kept it in monotone colours. This was a theme that may or may not continue depending on what else I would like to design on it. Besides the monotone colours I also drew two symbolic drawings, so far. The first is a baby Emperor Penguin. The second is a swirly floral design. These represent the simplicity that things can be, yet it can be complicated at the same time.

  • What are the benefits of creating your own sketchbook?

By creating our own sketchbook I got to reflect myself onto my own book. I could put penguins anywhere and things that wouldn’t go together usually. If we all got the same notebook with the same design on it, there would be no value. In thirty years, if we did look back, the notebook we made would be special and sentimental, not because we bought it in a store but because we made it. If we just got a store bought one, it wouldn’t have the same value. By making our own and going through the difficulty of making just one notebook, made me appreciate books, and notebooks even more than I used to because seeing the process being challenging to make in dozens, it is now better appreciated.

  • What would you do to change the design and construction of the sketchbook?

If I could change the design of the sketchbook I would make it multimedia meaning that we could choose to decorate our sketchbooks with different materials. For example, we could cover our sketchbooks with cloth, and to make it not that flat, we could add a thin layer of stuffing between the cover, and the fabric. For the construction of the sketchbook, I think that the way we do it is quite easy and very nice. But if we did change it, perhaps we could follow this:

Or like this:

Or possibly use design paper or use less paper altogether.

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