The Power of Observation

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Reflection for “Handy Value Drawing”

Use the following prompts to guide you in your reflection.  Make sure to use paragraph form and correct punctuation.


1) Give a brief description of your work

My hand drawing depicts two hands holding a lotus flower. Around the flower lays an optical illusional design in a organic pattern. The combination of the organic pattern and the lotus flower creates a very natural, and earthy feel.

2) What kind of hand gestures and expressions did you use and why? What are you “saying” in your drawing?

In my drawing I wanted to depict that together we can make beautiful things, but individually it will only look half as good. It also shows through the lotus flower, that everyone in the world is holding a beautiful thing. In our hands we hold the earth, nature and all natural things. We hold the power to change these things for the better or worse. Through this drawing I wanted to show that as human’s we have the power to change the world, but we can’t do it alone. Together we can make the earth beautiful.

3) What effect does the value drawing and separation of spaces have on your drawing?

It creates a mirror like effect, and the separation of spaces, gives the drawing more depth. If it were all one value (eg. black or white) or one space, then it wouldn’t create the depth we seek in this drawing.

4) In your opinion, is your drawing successful and why or why not?

In my opinion, I think that the message behind my drawing is powerful. For me, a drawing with a powerful message that people can walk away with, is more powerful than having a drawing that is really flawless but has no meaning. Furthermore, people can’t copy the original drawing and hence can’t take it away, but they can take away a powerful message. Hence I think that I have tried my best in the limited amount of time, (I believe that if I work on it, it can look better) but I would say it was successful in my opinion.


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