iPad Focus Post #1

So far, the experience with the iPad has been a positive change for multiple reasons. One of the main benefits of using the iPad so far has been the amount of paper I’m saving from using the iPad. Taking science and math courses, it’s very easy to waste a lot of paper on scrap work. Ever since I started using the iPad, I’ve been able to do my scrap work on my iPad instead of on paper. This helped me reduce the amount of books I carry to school as well as the amount of paper I use. In terms of a specific course, I started to do all of my Ap Chem work on the iPad instead of on paper.  Since chemistry involves a lot of calculations and a lot of practice, I used the app notability to do all my homework and class work on. The receptiveness of my Chem teacher was quite good as she allowed me to use the iPad in class to take notes.

I’ve been using my iPad for countless of different tasks related to school. From planning club meetings to jotting down to do lists,  I’ve been using apps like Notability and all the Google apps. At first, I was skeptical about taking notes on the iPad, but after giving it ago I prefer it more to normal paper due to convenience. I used the Notability app to edit my Hum papers and to do workings for chem.

One feature that I’ve found super useful so far is the split screen feature. I’ve used this to take notes on Biology, but also to reference charts and tables for chem. One application that I’d love to try is the calculator app or Procreate. The calculator app is the same one the math teachers use. The app is similar to the calculator and would mean on most days I would need to only bring my iPad to school (the amount of things to carry would be limited!) I think that in terms of getting procreate, it’d help a lot with the design work I’m doing. From poster making to designing murals for school walls, the app would be super helpful in creating some sort of space for me to create.

One thing that I would love to try out is just bringing my iPad to school and seeing if I could do a day without my computer. I think that on most days I don’t use my computer at school and take out my iPad anyway – I’d love to test out to see if my iPad could be an alternative in replacing my computer.

Down below I’ve attached a couple of pictures of the things I’ve been doing on my iPad.

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  1. Martin L says:

    What classes would you use Procreate with? And I believe we purchased the calculator app for the iPad a week or two ago. Please check with Mr. Lin. I would love to get your feedback on testing it out. You are absolutely right on less to carry is better. You put a lot of thought into your post. I really appreciate you taking the time. Think about key takeaways, like in your other posts, to report to the HS Faculty. Keep writing, I am learning a lot. -M

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