Occupy Central: My Opinion

Recently in the Hong Kong Central area there have been massive protests about whether or not the Hong Kong people should be able to choose who may be elected. The Chinese government has been massively suppressive of this in China and everything has been denying the people of Hong Kong’s requests. These protests began because the Chinese government have been saying that Hong Kong would be able to elect its own leader in 2017. They have told them for many years and just recently they decided it didn’t please them, so they took it back. Now the HKSF and other major groups are protesting for the right to choose their leader in 2017. Recently the police have been using force such as tear gas and pepper spray but now it seems that everything is at peace. For now if the talks with the HK government go well the protests will end and life will go back to normal.

I would really like for democracy to become a thing in HK. But I think that the Beijing government will deny all of those rights, and wont budge for a very long time. If all of HK protested along with people from mainland China then this would become a very serious matter and would maybe allow for HK to elect their own leader. But if any of the HK leaders decide to agree than it might start a snowball effect and eventually have all of HK.

One thing I wonder about is why the Chinese government does not want to allow HK to elect its own leader. It has promised them for many years and for them to change it so suddenly is strange.



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