Champion Project Reflection

One of the more enjoyable projects this year has been the champion project where we choose a person who has impacted our world and make a series of projects about them. I really enjoyed a couple of things about this project that just made me want to work my hardest and put my time and effort into completing this project and one of these reasons was the creating factor. The idea of making our own timeline and being able to come up with our own design and layout was a major factor as one thing I really enjoy doing is making things from scratch. So many projects like our free choice I really enjoyed choosing what I would make (a montage of Jackie Robinson). This was the main driving force that made me want to complete these projects and gave me the power to do this with 100% of my effort.

The champion unit was a difficult unit for one main reason, planning. I am terrible at planning dates for different projects and this was a project that required just that. So By the time I had finished the poems I had forgotten that the same day I had to turn in the journal entry. Another example was the press conference I had just gotten my free choice done and suddenly I forget that I have to have a press conference w/ a costume tomorrow. So I throw together a last minute costume (which could have been 10x better) and prepped for the questions in the morning and at break. This is one of the big problems that I found most difficult.

If I could do this project again I would probably have planned ahead more and scheduled my time so that I would have had time for going out and getting costume elements and finishing projects so that they were all on time. This could have saved me from a few AE’s and given me the time to improve and revise my work to maybe even turn some ME’s into EE’s. But other than this I really enjoyed this unit and would rate it 10/10 would do again.

But for next year I have a suggestion I have a few suggestions. One suggestion that I find to be pretty important is making the free choice mean something. Most people could print off a photo and stick it into a CD case and call it a project. Another suggestion is making the facebook project a free choice option as it was just fill in the blanks and wasn’t too challenging. Overall these are what I would change if I could plan this unit.

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