Romeo and Juliet

R&J Frame Analysis One

Act One

Scene One:

During this scene servants from the montagues and the capulets start a fight in the market and drag in Benvolio and Tybalt. They start fighting and because of this begin a market-wide brawl including both sides of their family. But shortly after the prince and his men come and put a stop to the fighting and threaten death if another fight started. Then while recovering from the fight we encounter Romeo. He is sad and upon seeing the wounded is infuriated and walks away.

Scene Two:

In scene two Paris asks the head of the Capulets if he can marry Juliet, his daughter. He replies that she is still young but if he can steal her heart than he can marry her.

Scene Three:

In this scene Juliet’s mother wishes to speak to her. Juliet’s mom then talks to her about considering marrying Paris. She says that by the time she was Juliet’s age she was already a mother and that she should get a move on. Juliet then answers that she wants to marry but is still young and that she will consider Paris.

Scene 4:

In this scene Romeo and his friends are going to a capulet party which is not the greatest idea since they are with the montague family. He has a dream that something will go horribly wrong and that it will leave him dead. But while talking about this dream his friend Mercutio goes on about a ‘dream’ he had and teases people with it until he gets way to far into it and Romeo has to snap him out of it.

Scene 5:

In this scene Romeo has entered the party and has started going around with his mask. He sees Juliet and is instantly in love. But Tybalt has recognised Romeo and has told his father. His father and mother than put him in his place and tell him to drop it. Afterwards Romeo approaches Juliet and finds her and they talk and as they are leaving Romeo discovers that she is a capulet. And as Romeo leaves Juliet finds out from Tybalt that Romeo is a Montague.

Act 2

Scene 1:

In this scene Romeo is going home but for some reason didn’t want to talk to his mates (not an Aussie just goes with movie) so as he climbs up a tree and his friends come home and start screaming “ROMEO.”

Scene 2:

In this scene Romeo goes back to see Juliet one more time and hey watches her as she talks to herself about how she wishes he wasn’t the enemy of her father. Romeo then goes up and approaches her and they kiss (a lot) and then Romeo offers to exchange vows with her. She agrees and they set a time and a place for the wedding.  Then Romeo leaves but Juliet calls again (then they kiss again…) and after (finally) Romeo leaves.

Scene 3:

In this scene Romeo leaves Juliet and returns home to ask the Friar to marry them. But before jumping to conclusions the Friar criticise him for leaving Rosaline and straight afterwards marrying Juliet. But nonetheless he decides that this could help the tension between the two houses and decides to marry them.

Scene 4

In this scene Mercucio stirs up trouble by teasing the nurse who is trying to tell Romeo about the wedding. Unfortunately she asks for him out loud and then he gets heckled for being called out. Afterwards they enter the church and informs him about the wedding. She also makes him promise to treat her well and after he does they both leave the church happily.

Scene 5

In this scene Juliet is impatiently waiting for the nurse to return. When she does though she teases her by telling her everything but what she needs to know. But eventually she tells her where and when they are going to be married and Juliet is happy.

Scene 6:

In this scene Romeo talks to Friar and Friar tells Romeo to love constantly, but not to throw yourself at her as it will wear off soon. Soon Juliet arrives and then the wedding begins.

Act 3:

Scene 1:

In this scene Tybalt is trying to find Romeo when he comes across mercurcio and he begins to stir up trouble. Then Romeo arrives and tries to tell Tybalt not to fight but instead Mercurcio fights him and when stabbed by Tybalt, dies. Afterwards Romeo is extremely mad and seeks out Tybalt to kill him. He finds him eventually and they have a duel to the death ending with a downed Romeo stabbing Tybalt from the floor.

Scene 2:

In this scene Benvolio explains what happened and Lady Capulet says that he wants Romeo dead. But instead as Tybalt killed Mercurcio he banishes him instead. That night he is crying and is very depressed and even tries to kill himself. But he has one last night with Juliet before he must leave.

Scene 3:

In this scene Juliet is crying and Lady Capulet tells her to stop crying because Tybalt is gone and Romeo has been punished. But she doesn’t know that Juliet is actually married to Romeo. So Juliet pretends to agree but when she says Juliet will marry Paris than Juliet puts her foot down. This throws her father into a rage and threatens to throw her out of the house if she doesn’t marry. Then Juliet asks nurse to comfort her and she says to marry paris as he is better looking and because Romeo is gone. Juliet pretends to agree and says she will marry.

Act 4:

Scene 1:

In this scene Juliet goes to Friar to seek advice on how to escape this problem. However Paris is also there and he tries to get Juliet to show any affection at all. But then he leaves and Juliet and Friar speak about the matter. Juliet then states that she would rather commit suicide than marry Paris but Friar has another idea. He says that he can give her a drug that will make her appear dead for 42 hours. This would make the wedding unable to occur as Juliet would be “Dead.” Then Friar says goodbye and states he will send Romeo a letter to get him in on the plot.

Scene 2:

In this scene Juliet tells her father that she will marry Paris and that she is sorry. But afterwards she goes back into her room and drinks the drug that will make her go to sleep for 42 hours.

Scene 3:

In this scene the nurse wakes up to find Juliet “dead” and the whole house goes wild with grief. They then proceed to have the funeral ceremony and they all give their gifts to Juliet. But Romeo’s servant Balthasar sees it and passes the monk who was carrying the letter from friar. Balthasar then reaches Romeo and the scene ends.

Act 5

Scene 1:

In this scene Balthasar tells Romeo of the bad news and Romeo proceeds to return home with the intent of suicide to join Juliet.

The Final Scene:

In this scene Romeo returns to Juliet’s “grave” and he then proceeds to drink the poison to Juliet and kill himself. Friar then comes inside of the graveyard to meet with Romeo and see Juliet awake. Outside he meets the Balthasar but Balthasar says he cannot enter so Friar enters alone. When inside he sees Romeo and Juliet finally awakes. But as they are trying to leave Juliet spots Romeo and stops. Friar hearing the patrol leaves and runs away. Juliet then talks about reuniting with Romeo and kills himself.

Shakespeare Notes

Globe Theatre Notes

During this activity I learned that my parents want some of the same things that I would want in a bride. We both want kindness and smarts, but an interesting one that we put down was funny as there is nothing better than a good joke. I think that these similarities show how as a family we have developed the same types of archetypes. But nonetheless there were still differences. As a strange entry I put in: “plays video games (optional)” just because they are one of the pastimes that I enjoy as well as sports. So athleticism and video games (not needed) were on my list. Obviously though my parents didn’t put down video games just because they don’t see it as an important activity. But overall I think that the similarities show how connected we are as a family and how we developed some of the same traits because of that connection.

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