Romeo and Juliet

R&J Frame Analysis One

Act One

Scene One:

During this scene servants from the montagues and the capulets start a fight in the market and drag in Benvolio and Tybalt. They start fighting and because of this begin a market-wide brawl including both sides of their family. But shortly after the prince and his men come and put a stop to the fighting and threaten death if another fight started. Then while recovering from the fight we encounter Romeo. He is sad and upon seeing the wounded is infuriated and walks away.

Scene Two:

In scene two Paris asks the head of the Capulets if he can marry Juliet, his daughter. He replies that she is still young but if he can steal her heart than he can marry her.

Scene Three:

In this scene Juliet’s mother wishes to speak to her. Juliet’s mom then talks to her about considering marrying Paris. She says that by the time she was Juliet’s age she was already a mother and that she should get a move on. Juliet then answers that she wants to marry but is still young and that she will consider Paris.

Scene 4:

In this scene Romeo and his friends are going to a capulet party which is not the greatest idea since they are with the montague family. He has a dream that something will go horribly wrong and that it will leave him dead. But while talking about this dream his friend Mercutio goes on about a ‘dream’ he had and teases people with it until he gets way to far into it and Romeo has to snap him out of it.

Scene 5:

In this scene Romeo has entered the party and has started going around with his mask. He sees Juliet and is instantly in love. But Tybalt has recognised Romeo and has told his father. His father and mother than put him in his place and tell him to drop it. Afterwards Romeo approaches Juliet and finds her and they talk and as they are leaving Romeo discovers that she is a capulet. And as Romeo leaves Juliet finds out from Tybalt that Romeo is a Montague.

Act 2

Scene 1:

In this scene Romeo is going home but for some reason didn’t want to talk to his mates (not an Aussie just goes with movie) so as he climbs up a tree and his friends come home and start screaming “ROMEO.”

Scene 2:

In this scene Romeo goes back to see Juliet one more time and hey watches her as she talks to herself about how she wishes he wasn’t the enemy of her father. Romeo then goes up and approaches her and they kiss (a lot) and then Romeo offers to exchange vows with her. She agrees and they set a time and a place for the wedding.  Then Romeo leaves but Juliet calls again (then they kiss again…) and after (finally) Romeo leaves.

Scene 3:

In this scene Romeo leaves Juliet and returns home to ask the Friar to marry them. But before jumping to conclusions the Friar criticise him for leaving Rosaline and straight afterwards marrying Juliet. But nonetheless he decides that this could help the tension between the two houses and decides to marry them.

Scene 4

In this scene Mercucio stirs up trouble by teasing the nurse who is trying to tell Romeo about the wedding. Unfortunately she asks for him out loud and then he gets heckled for being called out. Afterwards they enter the church and informs him about the wedding. She also makes him promise to treat her well and after he does they both leave the church happily.

Scene 5

In this scene Juliet is impatiently waiting for the nurse to return. When she does though she teases her by telling her everything but what she needs to know. But eventually she tells her where and when they are going to be married and Juliet is happy.

Scene 6:

In this scene Romeo talks to Friar and Friar tells Romeo to love constantly, but not to throw yourself at her as it will wear off soon. Soon Juliet arrives and then the wedding begins.

Act 3:

Scene 1:

In this scene Tybalt is trying to find Romeo when he comes across mercurcio and he begins to stir up trouble. Then Romeo arrives and tries to tell Tybalt not to fight but instead Mercurcio fights him and when stabbed by Tybalt, dies. Afterwards Romeo is extremely mad and seeks out Tybalt to kill him. He finds him eventually and they have a duel to the death ending with a downed Romeo stabbing Tybalt from the floor.

Scene 2:

In this scene Benvolio explains what happened and Lady Capulet says that he wants Romeo dead. But instead as Tybalt killed Mercurcio he banishes him instead. That night he is crying and is very depressed and even tries to kill himself. But he has one last night with Juliet before he must leave.

Scene 3:

In this scene Juliet is crying and Lady Capulet tells her to stop crying because Tybalt is gone and Romeo has been punished. But she doesn’t know that Juliet is actually married to Romeo. So Juliet pretends to agree but when she says Juliet will marry Paris than Juliet puts her foot down. This throws her father into a rage and threatens to throw her out of the house if she doesn’t marry. Then Juliet asks nurse to comfort her and she says to marry paris as he is better looking and because Romeo is gone. Juliet pretends to agree and says she will marry.

Act 4:

Scene 1:

In this scene Juliet goes to Friar to seek advice on how to escape this problem. However Paris is also there and he tries to get Juliet to show any affection at all. But then he leaves and Juliet and Friar speak about the matter. Juliet then states that she would rather commit suicide than marry Paris but Friar has another idea. He says that he can give her a drug that will make her appear dead for 42 hours. This would make the wedding unable to occur as Juliet would be “Dead.” Then Friar says goodbye and states he will send Romeo a letter to get him in on the plot.

Scene 2:

In this scene Juliet tells her father that she will marry Paris and that she is sorry. But afterwards she goes back into her room and drinks the drug that will make her go to sleep for 42 hours.

Scene 3:

In this scene the nurse wakes up to find Juliet “dead” and the whole house goes wild with grief. They then proceed to have the funeral ceremony and they all give their gifts to Juliet. But Romeo’s servant Balthasar sees it and passes the monk who was carrying the letter from friar. Balthasar then reaches Romeo and the scene ends.

Act 5

Scene 1:

In this scene Balthasar tells Romeo of the bad news and Romeo proceeds to return home with the intent of suicide to join Juliet.

The Final Scene:

In this scene Romeo returns to Juliet’s “grave” and he then proceeds to drink the poison to Juliet and kill himself. Friar then comes inside of the graveyard to meet with Romeo and see Juliet awake. Outside he meets the Balthasar but Balthasar says he cannot enter so Friar enters alone. When inside he sees Romeo and Juliet finally awakes. But as they are trying to leave Juliet spots Romeo and stops. Friar hearing the patrol leaves and runs away. Juliet then talks about reuniting with Romeo and kills himself.

Shakespeare Notes

Globe Theatre Notes

During this activity I learned that my parents want some of the same things that I would want in a bride. We both want kindness and smarts, but an interesting one that we put down was funny as there is nothing better than a good joke. I think that these similarities show how as a family we have developed the same types of archetypes. But nonetheless there were still differences. As a strange entry I put in: “plays video games (optional)” just because they are one of the pastimes that I enjoy as well as sports. So athleticism and video games (not needed) were on my list. Obviously though my parents didn’t put down video games just because they don’t see it as an important activity. But overall I think that the similarities show how connected we are as a family and how we developed some of the same traits because of that connection.

Champion Project Reflection

One of the more enjoyable projects this year has been the champion project where we choose a person who has impacted our world and make a series of projects about them. I really enjoyed a couple of things about this project that just made me want to work my hardest and put my time and effort into completing this project and one of these reasons was the creating factor. The idea of making our own timeline and being able to come up with our own design and layout was a major factor as one thing I really enjoy doing is making things from scratch. So many projects like our free choice I really enjoyed choosing what I would make (a montage of Jackie Robinson). This was the main driving force that made me want to complete these projects and gave me the power to do this with 100% of my effort.

The champion unit was a difficult unit for one main reason, planning. I am terrible at planning dates for different projects and this was a project that required just that. So By the time I had finished the poems I had forgotten that the same day I had to turn in the journal entry. Another example was the press conference I had just gotten my free choice done and suddenly I forget that I have to have a press conference w/ a costume tomorrow. So I throw together a last minute costume (which could have been 10x better) and prepped for the questions in the morning and at break. This is one of the big problems that I found most difficult.

If I could do this project again I would probably have planned ahead more and scheduled my time so that I would have had time for going out and getting costume elements and finishing projects so that they were all on time. This could have saved me from a few AE’s and given me the time to improve and revise my work to maybe even turn some ME’s into EE’s. But other than this I really enjoyed this unit and would rate it 10/10 would do again.

But for next year I have a suggestion I have a few suggestions. One suggestion that I find to be pretty important is making the free choice mean something. Most people could print off a photo and stick it into a CD case and call it a project. Another suggestion is making the facebook project a free choice option as it was just fill in the blanks and wasn’t too challenging. Overall these are what I would change if I could plan this unit.

PPP WordPress blog


During his time at and around the Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Robinson has been the target of abuse and discrimination from various sources. But being around he has shown to me that he is here to play baseball and through death threats and getting spiked Jackie has not only played through the season, but has also was awarded the rookie of the year award for 1947 demonstrating that he was resilient and strong. In addition to this he has shown compassion to you players like Mickey Mantle and shown the Dodgers and the rest of the MLB that he wants to play baseball.


Jackie Robinson Quotation:

Jackie Robinson Press Conference Highlights:

Press conf. footage w/ editing (word thingies) when after press conference happens.

Robotics Project Two: Vending Machine

The Mechanism of our Vending Machine

First you the user has to step up to the machine and in front of the machine. This will activate the Ultrasound sensor and start up the conveyor belt.

After the machine senses you it will wait for you to insert a blue HK20 dollar bill into the machine. But sadly EV3 does not let you select specific colours and the blue on the HK20 bill was not one of them. So instead if you use a blue lego piece or a solid blue anything it should trigger the light sensor and move on to the next step.

Light sensor


After if a valid note is scanned it will allow you to push any touch sensor three times. This means you can have three different choices for your 20 dollar bill and means you can choose what ever combination of the three options that you want (a, a, c, or b, c, b, or even, a, b, c).

ButtonsAfter you have chosen your three selections those will than be carried over to our motors that will dispense our choices.



  • The Circular motion from the motor is converted in to linear motion which is used by the axle

Final Product




One of the flaws inside of this machine is that the conveyor belt is slightly obstructed and because of this the conveyor belt will periodically fall off or stop working entirely. This can be fixed by moving the obstruction (the ultrasound sensor) up above or around this key component.

Another flaw of this machine is that it doesn’t have a sturdy frame that it can rely on for a strong support. This is a problem because say if the conveyor belt falls of it would cause a chain reaction and eventually destroy our whole machine. To do this you would need more beams and axles as this would stop the pieces from becoming loose and unreliable.

A final flaw is that the EV3 light sensor will not scan whatever colour you want it to scan. It will only scan for a list of 7 different colours which disables us from using a bill in our project. To make up for this we have used lego pieces and paper “notes” to activate the machine. This is out of our hands to fix but if it is ever resolved it will allow this project to show its true potential.


Social Studies Reflection #2

So far during unit two I have studied the first three chapters of China, the Worlds Most Populous Country. Some of the things that I have learned in this unit include the side affects of China’s rising population. One of the affects that this would have is that it would allow a phenomenon like a draught to dry up the crops and kill millions. This happened under Mao Zedong’s rule in the years 1958-1962. Another one of the side affects is that now you have more and more people. Who are using more and more energy. So to find and construct a way to cope with this problem will require a lot of thought, labour, and time. Which will require lots of hard work. Some of the plans that modern day China include building the largest dam in the worlds largest dam to generate power for the 1.35 billion people living there. This will allow them to reduce the amount of coal they are burning that contributes to the smog in China. Another method the government is using is the one person one child policy which allows each family one child. Before the punishments were harsh but now China has loosened the reigns and allowed special persons to have more than one. To promote this they now focus on the rewards rather than the punishments. These are some of the problems China faces today and how China has coped with it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.11.04 PM

China PD map

In this unit I will aim for the second highest badge because last time I did not seem to be able to achieve a higher goal. To achieve this I will take notes in class that I can review if I need them for a test or just for an activity in class. My goal for this unit was to stay on task while researching or studying while taking notes on the subject. So far I feel that I have been following up on these goals because of the amount of notes I’ve been taking on some of the mini-units.  I have been taking my notes off of the online chapters as it was a working method for the first unit. So this unit I will keep using this method to help me stay on task and prepared for any assessment.

Photo on 10-11-14 at 1.12 PM #2







Robotics Project One


Final Model!

Third Model:

In this third model I have added sensors to trigger things such as the claw. When you touch the touch sensor the claw lifts after one second. The ultrasound detector makes the car move faster after it senses the opponent is within 10cm. Another feature is the compound gearing which allows the robot to have more power but less speed.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.45.48 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.44.54 PM

Second Model:

In this second model after a revamp I constructed a claw type mechanism that lifted the opponent after it was triggered. But so far there are no sensors or external ways to trigger it.


Photo 2

First Model:

This first model was a skeleton of what was to be a robot with very little power. But afterwards one of the motors died (it wasn’t able to turn) so I had to start from scratch.

DSCN4430DSCN4431DSCN4432DSCN6319Photo 5

Photo 1

Occupy Central: My Opinion

Recently in the Hong Kong Central area there have been massive protests about whether or not the Hong Kong people should be able to choose who may be elected. The Chinese government has been massively suppressive of this in China and everything has been denying the people of Hong Kong’s requests. These protests began because the Chinese government have been saying that Hong Kong would be able to elect its own leader in 2017. They have told them for many years and just recently they decided it didn’t please them, so they took it back. Now the HKSF and other major groups are protesting for the right to choose their leader in 2017. Recently the police have been using force such as tear gas and pepper spray but now it seems that everything is at peace. For now if the talks with the HK government go well the protests will end and life will go back to normal.

I would really like for democracy to become a thing in HK. But I think that the Beijing government will deny all of those rights, and wont budge for a very long time. If all of HK protested along with people from mainland China then this would become a very serious matter and would maybe allow for HK to elect their own leader. But if any of the HK leaders decide to agree than it might start a snowball effect and eventually have all of HK.

One thing I wonder about is why the Chinese government does not want to allow HK to elect its own leader. It has promised them for many years and for them to change it so suddenly is strange.


Unit One Reflection

In this unit we have learned about Mapping and Geography. I will first start by talking about the different types of maps and their elements. Almost every single map has these elements that make it a map.

  1. Title: Every map has a title because without it nobody would know what the map is about and so it would be irrelevant.
  2. Global grid: The global grid is on most maps because it makes it much easier to find places using x, y coordinates than distances from a set point.
  3. Key: A key shows what key signs and elements on the map are.
  4. Scale: Shows how far a distance on a map is in real life.
  5. Compass Rose: Shows the cardinal directions on the mapMap elements

For this unit I got a Ferdinand Magellan badge and I agree. My work habits were horrible and I should have really improved.


One learning strategy that didn’t work this unit was notes. This didn’t work because I just wasn’t focused enough to keep to what I was doing. This was not very good. One strategy that did work was reading the online chapters. This helped because It was online and interactive so it was much easier to focus on.


My goal for this unit is to never get off task and focus on the task at hand. This would greatly help my work habits and would get me back on track.






Colons are used to add additional information to an already complete sentence. They cannot be used to conjoin two sentences as if a comma. They are most commonly (almost always) used to add a list to clarify or expand on information on the other sentence.

Eg: There are three things I don’t like about school (complete sentence) : Homework, Schoolwork, any other work.

Whenever in doubt about colon usage swap out the colon with a namely. Colons are something to be used sparingly to clarify a specific part in a list format. So they can be boring in writing piece.

Eg: There are three things I don’t like about school, namely Homework, Schoolwork, and any other work.

You might also use a colon in the salutation of a letter. Instead of using a comma at the end of it you can use a colon

Dear Mrs Bevear:

You don’t need to capitalise the first letter after a colon unless it would usually need to be capitalised


Tenses table

Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences.

Simple sentence: A subject and a predicate in a sentence. Eg. The teacher stared.

Compound sentence: Two simple sentences connected by a conjunction (Fanboys: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). Eg. He didn’t like to play outside, so he stayed inside all day.

Complex sentences: Is an independent or main clause with an additional dependent clause to add information to the sentence. Eg. Frustrated and tired, Joe continued his workout.

ways to make a complex sentence:

  • start with two adjectives
  • start with a ly word
  • start with an ing word
  • end with an ing word
  • sandwich technique
  • prepositional phrase
  • start/end with a conjunction
  • simile



Punctuating Dialogue

Dialogue is used in stories to show what certain characters say at certain times. This post will show you how to, and how not to punctuate your dialogue.

When and what to use:

  1. Quotation marks: When punctuating dialogue you must put quotation marks around all of the text that a character is speaking. For example “I like to eat food,” said Joe.
  2. Punctuation: Keep the punctuation inside the quotation marks. When you have an exclamation mark or a question mark you have to keep it inside not outside the quotation marks. A correct sentence would be “I like to eat food,” said Joe. Not “I like to eat food”, said Joe.
  3. Quotation marks: Uninterrupted speech only needs quotation marks at the beginning and the end. You never need them in between. An incorrect example would be “I like you a lot.” “But that was really mean.”
  4. Paragraphs: Always start a new paragraph when a new character speaks. A good example could be this:

“I like to eat food,” said Joe.

“I also like to eat food,” replied Jill.


Commas are a punctuation mark that we use almost daily in every single one of our stories and sentences. But commas are misused a lot and we still don’t realize it, but there is something we can do. I have made a little list about how to, and not to use commas.

You can do!

  1. Combine two independent clauses with a conjunction and a comma.
  2. When adding detail to an independent clause (My dog, Morton, is lazy. OR: my dog is lazy)
  3. When addressing somebody in particular (Lets eat, grandma)
  4. When making a list
  5. When you have more than one adjective modifying a noun (The witty, amazing Thomas)
  6. After an introductory phase or clause

When not to do!

  1. When combining two independent clauses without a conjunction (Splice)
  2. After the conjunction
  3. When separating a dependent and independent clauses with a conjunction.