Social Studies Reflection #2

So far during unit two I have studied the first three chapters of China, the Worlds Most Populous Country. Some of the things that I have learned in this unit include the side affects of China’s rising population. One of the affects that this would have is that it would allow a phenomenon like a draught to dry up the crops and kill millions. This happened under Mao Zedong’s rule in the years 1958-1962. Another one of the side affects is that now you have more and more people. Who are using more and more energy. So to find and construct a way to cope with this problem will require a lot of thought, labour, and time. Which will require lots of hard work. Some of the plans that modern day China include building the largest dam in the worlds largest dam to generate power for the 1.35 billion people living there. This will allow them to reduce the amount of coal they are burning that contributes to the smog in China. Another method the government is using is the one person one child policy which allows each family one child. Before the punishments were harsh but now China has loosened the reigns and allowed special persons to have more than one. To promote this they now focus on the rewards rather than the punishments. These are some of the problems China faces today and how China has coped with it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.11.04 PM

China PD map

In this unit I will aim for the second highest badge because last time I did not seem to be able to achieve a higher goal. To achieve this I will take notes in class that I can review if I need them for a test or just for an activity in class. My goal for this unit was to stay on task while researching or studying while taking notes on the subject. So far I feel that I have been following up on these goals because of the amount of notes I’ve been taking on some of the mini-units.  I have been taking my notes off of the online chapters as it was a working method for the first unit. So this unit I will keep using this method to help me stay on task and prepared for any assessment.

Photo on 10-11-14 at 1.12 PM #2







Robotics Project One


Final Model!

Third Model:

In this third model I have added sensors to trigger things such as the claw. When you touch the touch sensor the claw lifts after one second. The ultrasound detector makes the car move faster after it senses the opponent is within 10cm. Another feature is the compound gearing which allows the robot to have more power but less speed.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.45.48 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.44.54 PM

Second Model:

In this second model after a revamp I constructed a claw type mechanism that lifted the opponent after it was triggered. But so far there are no sensors or external ways to trigger it.


Photo 2

First Model:

This first model was a skeleton of what was to be a robot with very little power. But afterwards one of the motors died (it wasn’t able to turn) so I had to start from scratch.

DSCN4430DSCN4431DSCN4432DSCN6319Photo 5

Photo 1

Unit One Reflection

In this unit we have learned about Mapping and Geography. I will first start by talking about the different types of maps and their elements. Almost every single map has these elements that make it a map.

  1. Title: Every map has a title because without it nobody would know what the map is about and so it would be irrelevant.
  2. Global grid: The global grid is on most maps because it makes it much easier to find places using x, y coordinates than distances from a set point.
  3. Key: A key shows what key signs and elements on the map are.
  4. Scale: Shows how far a distance on a map is in real life.
  5. Compass Rose: Shows the cardinal directions on the mapMap elements

For this unit I got a Ferdinand Magellan badge and I agree. My work habits were horrible and I should have really improved.


One learning strategy that didn’t work this unit was notes. This didn’t work because I just wasn’t focused enough to keep to what I was doing. This was not very good. One strategy that did work was reading the online chapters. This helped because It was online and interactive so it was much easier to focus on.


My goal for this unit is to never get off task and focus on the task at hand. This would greatly help my work habits and would get me back on track.