Mid-Unit Reflection

Currently, I think I have mastered the consequences and challenges of a growing population, due to my studying of the textbook. I also gained knowledge about numerous population control methods, such as educating women, the one-child policy of China, and the providing of cleaner resources. For this unit, I am aiming once again at the Neil Armstrong badge, as I did last unit.To achieve this, I will finish all homework on time and be thoroughly prepared for each class. I will also study hard to master the content for use on the summative.

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Furthermore, I will seek assistance when I have a question, and ask clarifying questions when I don’t understand instructions. My goal for this unit was to “turn in all work on time”. I am currently living up to it, as I have completed all assignments and turned it in in the best quality that I can manage. I am also getting help when I require it to ensure that there are no mistakes due to misunderstanding instructions on my assignments.

Last week for parent conferences, Mr. Pierce told my parents that a response I wrote in the previous unit went “above and beyond expectations.” He informed us on how I was performing in class, and asked that I continue to maintain my work habits. He also illustrated how I should control my energy during class games, as I sometimes get overexcited. Overall, the parent conferences went smoothly and I learned what to improve and maintain.

My TCI textbook for this unit:


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