Milton Hershey Champion Person Project

This is a project about Milton Snavely Hershey, the creator of the famous Hershey’s Chocolate Company. This project focuses on four properties present within him: resilience, compassion, creativity, and collaboration. When Hershey first contacted the business world, his first two business failed miserably, losing the trust of both banks and relatives financially. However, Hershey scraped up enough cash by himself to start his first successful company: The Lancaster Caramel Company. Also, Hershey’s compassion toward his employees led to the construction of a town called Hershey, Pennsylvania, which included houses for Hershey’s employees to live in. Furthermore, it also had parks, recreational facilities, and even a sports stadium, along with a trolley system for transportation. Similarly, the blueprints for the various buildings and factories were drawn by none other than Milton Hershey himself, showing great amounts of creativity. Finally, countless treats were developed through Milton Hershey conferring with candy experts, treats such as the world-famous Hershey Kiss and Milk Chocolate with almonds treat. Milton Hershey possesses all four core values this project focuses on.




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