Champion! Project Reflection

The Champion! Project has now come to a close, and the days of creating visuals, practicing speeches, and making presentations for a famous person end as well. However, the lingering experiences are mostly enjoyable, with the most prominent one the Gallery Presentation on March 9. It was an opportunity to show an audience all that I had learned about my famous person, and further deepen my understanding to a group of people. The Gallery presentation was a largely beneficial and memorable experience for me. Learning was another major component of the Champion! unit, and effective learning aids differed among my classmates. Personally, I believe that the act of creating visuals such as timelines, Facebook profiles and maps were the best of the tools for understanding my person and teaching skills to me. Critical thinking was a major assessment category in all of these visual’s rubrics, stimulating us to think thoughtfully. The visuals were also an opportunity to exercise our creativity, thus the “communication” section of our rubric. The act of creating visuals were the best learning tools I encountered in the project.

I had met many challenges throughout the course of the Champion’s project, and some of them had been extremely intimidating. First of all, acquiring all the information needed to complete journal entries, a nomination letter, a free choice, and countless other pieces was painstaking. There was a plethora of sources to choose from, and not all of them were reliable. Thus, I spent many hours cruising the internet, trying to gather necessary information. Also, acquiring a costume for the press conference and Gallery presentation was also challenging, as the attire available in stores required mixing and matching or was not available in my size. Finally, the preparation for the press conference required a lot of time devoted to practicing ALL questions, and not knowing which questions you will be asked. These challenges were all intimidating for me, but I overcame them.

If given the opportunity to complete this project again, I will remove the nomination letter and replace it with another free choice, as this could stimulate a greater amount of critical thinking, along with creativity. The teachers should also incorporate a higher standard for free choices, along with a greater selection of potential end products. This project taught four key concepts: creativity, collaboration, compassion, and resilience. These skills are greatly beneficial to an individual, and this project reinforced these concepts. We learned about a character who possessed at least a few of these traits, and I, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, acquired inspiration from these individuals. The necessity to not back down in the face of failure, the necessity to express compassion to others around you, the creativity required to become an innovator, and the ability to work well with a group of people to develop an outstanding end product. The Champion! project taught me to possess these four core values, an extremely beneficial experience.

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