Sketchbook Cover


Photo on 3-9-14 at 8.20 AM

My Art & Design sketchbook!


I made my sketchbook by using 2 paper boards, 15 pages of really long paper, (which I folded in half later, to make 30 pages), tape, and thread.

First off, I folded the 15 pages in half, and sandwiched them between the 2 paper boards. I glued the outermost paper onto the boards, and taped the spine together. Next, we grabbed a hammer and nails, and hammered holes into the notebook’s spine every 3 centimetres. After that, we sewed thick thread through the holes, connecting the pages to the book’s cover. Voila! There you have the book.

The sketchbook itself’s cover is a slight, dull yellow, and I have drawn a cover on it, based off of ‘The Fault in our Stars.’ The pages in the inside are white, and currently blank.


It’s nicer to have made the sketch book yourself than having a sketchbook bought from a store because it makes you feel more connected to your book, knowing you have put your time, sweat, blood and effort into making it. You also become more aware of what you put in it, because where as it’s easy to just by another sketchbook at a store after you fill up your previous one, it’s not easy making another sketchbook, so you feel less obliged to fill this one up faster.


If I had to change anything about the design or the look of this sketchbook, I would probably change the cover’s colour. I prefer a clean, white look to a dull, ¬†yellow colour. ¬†But other than that, I like the design and look of the sketchbook.