Hand Value Drawing

This is my hand value drawing I made in Art & Design class:

Photo on 9-10-14 at 8.33 AM


It’s a drawing of 3 hands in different positions, and 5 lines drawn across the paper. I shaded the edges of the lines/hands to make contrast between shapes. I used a 4b pencil to do this.


My hand gestures consist on one open hand, with all fingers out, a pointing hand, with the pointer finger and thumb out, and a gun-like hand, with the middle finger and the pointer finger out together and the thumb sticking out. I chose these gestures because they are all very common and can be seen every day.

I feel the pointing hand is very accusing, because it is pointing very harshly at someone, as if accusing them of doing something or making fun of them. I think the gun hand is very threatening, because guns are very threatening, and it is also very pointing-like. It seems somewhat judgemental. And I feel the open hand is very peaceful and vulnerable, because it is showing its palm and opening up without closing any fingers.

I think my drawing is showing the pointing hand and the gun-like hand are pointing at each other meanly, almost like fighting, and the open hand is coming in between them both and trying to stop them and bring peace.


I think the value and the shading bring help the hands stand about a little bit, and the darker spots help emphasise the lighter shapes. The separation of spaces help by making the picture more unique and detailed.


I think my drawing is successful, because I finished it and did follow all the instructions to draw it. And I think my shading stays somewhat inside the lines and it is very easy to tell what my drawing is a picture of, so I do think my drawing is successful.


Charcoal Shapes & Lines

Here’s my charcoal drawing I made in Art & Design class!

photo 1


My work was based off of the famous artist Kandinsky.

Here’s his photo:


Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow, in December 1866. His art was much influenced by music. He started as a lawyer, and he later turned his profession to an artist.He was married to Anna Chimyakina, but later divorced her, and married Nina Andreevskaya in 1917. He liked using bright colours, and experimented with them a lot. He died in 1944, an his art is known widely around the world.