WebPub B-Lena He-Project One Reflection

My project one’s topic was how to make gluten free cookies, and the two recipes were mexican chocolate cookies, along with oatmeal cookies. I wrote recipes on how to make them, along with some photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough photos to make a slideshow, so I just put them up as a scrollable text instead. I feel I don’t have enough audio, because I only have two not-so-great quality audio that reads out the instructions of the cookie recipe, without music or anything. (I made the audio at home and couldn’t access the music, so.) And I think the whole aspect and design of my page feels very child-like, mostly because my font is quite big, and because the background color seems very childish. Also, I re-read my recipe and realised I had some spelling errors. I wish I had more time to go over all my mistakes, but I didn’t have enough time.

Anyways, I’m pretty proud that I managed to finish it and experienced a bunch of different tools in Dreamweaver and how to put youtube videos, scrollable text and slideshows into webpages. I think this was a pretty fun experience and I got to learn a bunch of new things.


As of the moment, I’m trying to think of what to do for my project two topic. I was thinking on researching a movie, but I’m not sure how that’d work out and how I’d record that information and such.