Book Report #5

Book Equivalent # 5                         

Words: 49,485

Date: Oct 6, 2015

Title:  Weedflower

Author: Cynthia Kadohata

Genre ~ Non-Fiction / Fiction Type: Historical fiction

Opening Sentence: This is what it felt like to feel lonely.

Favourite word / phrase / sentence: “But the more important part of a garden is the things that live and die.”

Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition:

I don’t think I learned any new terms, because the writing is pretty simple. (Unless Japanese words count?)

Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: 

Weedflower tells the story of a girl named Sumiko who lives in America during WW2. After the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, she and her family get sent to concentration camps, where they must reflect on their lives and Sumiko must learn to understand more about friendship.

I read Weedflower because it was one of my Battle of the Books book. Overall, it was very nice, with a bit of a cliffhanger. I really liked one of the characters, Frank, because he seemed kind and honest (even if pretty mean at first.) The language in this book was really easy and probably meant for people of levels lower than me (sorry if I sound arrogant!) but it was still a delightful read. Cynthia Kadohata is a really great author, I loved her ‘Kira-Kira’ and ‘A Million Shades of Grey.’