Book Art

Some could say that the beauty of a book comes from the story, but what if you could know the story without reading it. A new art is beginning to be recognized as art rather than destruction, it’s called book art. Our creativity does not have too limited to a canvas, what makes this type of art so amazing is that there is very little limitation on how the story behind it can be displayed. Cutting, tearing, shearing, pasting, glueing colorings. These all can be methods of transforming a simple book into a masterpiece. Cut, fold, paste, tear, shred. These are all ways I plan on transforming my simple book into an art piece. I can’t imagine the amount of practice, time and patience that goes into the book art that I have seen. Our task is to try to summarize the book we chose by creating a book art piece to represent the book. We were told that we didn’t have read the book in order to re create it. Being someone who likes to read I thought that I wouldn’t be able to totally capture the entire storyline. I don’t want to create something that someone who has a greater knowledge can easily ridicule by relooking at the book. I’ll have to see how it goes.

Final Community Center project reflection.

Photo on 11-5-16 at 10.29 am #2

The Goal of this group project was to create a refugee friendly community center that would fit all of the needs of the people plus more. All over the world refugees are having a hard time finding places to live and work. A majority of these people are living in tiny homes and the conditions are below the typical level of comfort.  They are fleeing war and terrible situations in their home country in hope that they can find a better life. Unfortunately these people are not allowed in very many  countries in fear that they are dangerous, terrorists or that they will taking advantage the government systems. When they eventually get a job they still have a hard time having a steady life, because the refugees are typically given jobs with little pay involving no skill and they are deprived of education, because of the cost, so they are unable to learn new skills. A majority of refugees in Hong Kong are homeless and living on the streets, because they are waiting to be recognized as citizens by the government. This happens all over Hong Kong, cause the process of getting visas and official documents is very long and these people could be waiting for 5 or more years to be recognized and welcomed into the country. The main question we were trying to answer was, how can we make these people feel welcomed and provide them a temporary solution to their situation? The task was to create a community center that would fulfill all of the needs and there was no limit on budget.

Our Structure we decided to create is meant to have temporary housing for the refugees. Katie and I were inspired by the shape of a lotus flower for the design because what what it means. The Lotus flower is one out of the few flowers in nature that grows from a swamp and mud, unlike many flowers it can grow without very much light, yet it’s still beautiful. The lotus means many things in different cultures but what they all of those meaning have in common have is that it is used to symbolises peace and harmony. We decided to incorporate this idea into our building and most of it is shown in our garden. Designing our center after a type of flower opened a new world of opportunities for building. The first idea our group came up with was having the petals be used as separate rooms for temporary housing the refugees. The center of the flower would be used as a gathering place inside. From a sky view  the rooftop would resemble a green flower with a peace sign in the middle. We decided to design our roof as a green roof, because of the beauty aspect. When we are around calm nature we are reminded of peace and how we are all one.

Our group invision this community center being located in the more rural parts of Hong Kong with a beach near by, adding to the beauty aspect. I feel like the best place to be is somewhere away from the commotion, reducing stress and creating a safe place where they can feel comfortable. I think that the shape of the structure plays a large role in where it’s placed and the fact that it looks like a lotus flower it would be cool to make the perspective appear like it’s growing out of the water or ground, depending on where your looking from. The lotus flower can grow out of both land conditions.

The main type of needs we are fulfilling throughout our community center is beauty, social, comfort, health, education and environmentally friendly. I feel like our center is all about being happy and find comfort once again, because we know that these refugees had a hard life and we want eliminate the possibility of them being reminded of that. Being surrounded by things that remind you of better times is overall healthier than being in places that disturb you. This center is all about health, not just in the way of eating and exercising, but mentally as well. This includes education, therapy, social communication and environment. Going back to the assumption that these people have had is rough, depression, drug abuse and suicide is not a new concept. We have taken a percussion of creating this Community center to be a lot like a rehab center as well. If this was an actually building that was going to be built, we would install unnoticeable security cameras in places that could be provide a dangerous situation to occur like the rooftop. We also have a floor in the stem of the center dedicated to rehabilitation, therapy and emotion or physical trauma. We want to do all that we can to make sure that these people are happy and healthy.

The part of the community center I am most proud of it the idea and how much we have thought it through. However our structure might not be totally finished but the thought that went into it can help others imagine what it could be. In order to make this complete, we would need more time but unfortunately we didn’t have enough provided. If we were given more time, I bet that we could make it look like our original ideas. The element I am most proud of is beauty and the creativity that goes along with it. Especially with the zen garden, my group put a significant amount of effort into making this look like a beautiful home away from home. What we could have improved on was probably the shape element. The overall shape could have been a little neater and clean cut. In my defence I feel like I was rushing to get this time due to the deadline given. I can’t help but to agree with what our guest speaker was saying about how boring most buildings are. I tend to not be as fond of creating and measuring for architecture, but I do understand how important it is for our society. We all have different needs and they can’t all be fulfilled with a simple cube home. I respect the amount of thought that goes into architecture. They can figure out creative ways to design our homes to fulfill our intentions. I just wish I had the patience to do so myself.

Planning the Community Center.

Photo on 6-4-16 at 9.49 am #2Photo on 6-4-16 at 9.52 am

This is a sketch of a balcony located on the 3rd floor near the art room. This place stood out to be, because the layering and how we could incorporate it into our final project. This area was built for the lower primary and middle school art studies. and this does not only have to be for the artists, but can be used for photo inspiration and relaxation. The design has many different layers that gives an underappreciated look to it. That is what caught my eye in the first place. I feel like what could be an improvement on this area could be the location of the layering. I feel like the impact could have a greater effect if this was in an oceanview or overlooking the city.

Finished Book Art

Photo on 9-3-16 at 10.38 am        In Sculpture class we are working on turning an ordinary book into a piece of art that tells a story. We could use any materials we wanted and different methods of our choosing. In My opinion I feel like it was quite a shame that we didn’t get the chance to read the books first, but I do understand the time range that we follow. This project was one of the more challenging I have been presented with. In my opinion the hardest part of this project was layering and figuring out where each cut should be made and what effect would this give my piece. The main technique I used throughout this project was cut or chisel down into the book.  I worked on useing the depth of the book to my advantage and  basing my art off how deep I could go within the pages. My favorite part of this piece and how it’s viewed. Instead of the book being presented by remaining open, I decided that I would glue my book shut , because I feel like the window effect is stronger with the extra layering. The way my idea developed was quite a bumpy road. When planning my piece I was drawing out my plan on one if the covers of my book and it didn’t take long to realize that This was not going to be easy. Unlike my final project I added quite a bit of unnecessary detail within the first draft. Another struggle I faced was figuring out how deep to make my people. I wanted to make my people pop out of the pages, but I found out that I was going to have to look at this from another perspective. I ended up going into the pages rather than building up and out.

The book I chose to work on called Los Alamos is a story about crime and mystery. Detectives are trying to solve the case of who raped and killed a woman in the city and another  man is wrongly convicted  for the crime.  This art piece contains many different elements of design. One of my main goals for myself when creating this project was useing color, shape and texture to my advantage. I wanted to incorporate different elements that would work together to share a story or a message. I used shape to make my people a little more mysterious. I didn’t plan on making my peple identifiable so this gives that message that any of us could be a victim and anybody of us could be a killer. Now as for the question on the gender of my characters, I didn’t base the silhouettes off what was in the summary I based it off of statistics. Nine out of ten women are victims of rape and the rest are men. I wanted to use color to display the situation. The color is meant to show a story of the sun rising after a night of crime. The pink blanket plays a huge role into the story line. The pink is supposed to show a woman covering herself showing about what has happen to her.  The silhouette of the woman in the corner huddled up in fear facing a man is supposed to show the corruption of justice system in the story. Texture was the hardest element to work on and incorporate into my piece, because for the most part we are working on paper and cardboard. I feel like the best I could have done was extra scratchings into the wood. For the most part I feel like I could have done a better job at adding texture within my price.

Overall I feel like I have a double edged sword of victory with my art piece. I feel like I could have done a better job at adding detail and meaning behind my work, but for the amount of time I was given I am surprised that I finished at all. If I were to be given the option for doing this project again I would definitely do it. As a matter of fact I have been thinking about doing my own book art piece on the book of answers. I feel like this would have a wide range of possible outcomes, because there are many different themes throughout this book and if I create an art piece on a very limited time, then think about what I could create with as much time I could possible want. The possibilities are endless.

Book art Process

Photo on 29-2-16 at 10.18 amIn class we are working on transforming old and ordinary books into works of art with the theme of the summary. The book I am working with is called Los Alamos and it’s about crime and murder in the location of Los Alamos somewhere in Mexico. I am planning on transforming my book to look like a murder scene with a raped woman huddled in the corner begging for the criminal to spare her life. Many could say that this is a morbid scene to create, but this is what the book’s conflict is. I feel like this is indeed an original idea and that the fact of of being more morbid bring the uniqueness to life. I feel like I will do a good job including crime into art. This is a new experience. The techniques I am using is most commonly the repeated cutting into the pages to give the picture more depth and level. I am also aiming to use contrast throughout my piece, preferably the  black to white ratio. I am also planning on using a collage element to make the people have more familiarity. Throughout the process of carving I tend to focus primarily on the silhouette of the main picture/ scene. I am making sure that the exact marks are made and mistake are rare. I tend to use my class time wisely and make sure that I have done a good amount of work throughout. I make sure that progress is done and I have do like staying in at free time to complete any unfinished business. The only improvements I would make is working better at layering and planning out how everything is going to fit together to make the picture complete.

Sketchbook Post

Photo on 18-1-16 at 10.18 amOne of the first tasks in art was to make a sketchbook and design a cover. Personally feel like this is a better, because it allows more freedom and flexibility when creating your cover. I think the the main reason why Mr. Lee wanted us to make a sketchbook verses buying custom ones is mainly environmental. I the past I tend to nor use all of my pages made, so I we were to make our own with less that could be more beneficial for everyone. I feel like I take advantage of the opportunity to draw on the cover, because to me it’s like a display for everyone. It’s one thing to draw in it, but it’s another to show everyone. This can allow us to learn from each other and what our styles are. The more and more I draw I tend to see a pattern of me drawing my people very skinny, boney and or malnourished. When looking for drawing and art ideas I tend to search for more of the creepy of disturbing photos or results. I have made multiple drawings of people, animals or things that to many would find friendly, comforting or loving and I will add my own spin to it. My spin will ushally involve blood, wounds, scars and lost memories. The cover design I made is meant to be a fairy, but instead of the a crown or glitter, I decided to make him a warrior returning from battle and with flawed wings. I feel like this was meant to make viewers wonder on what perspective is and what you can do to change it.

Sculptures 2016

These are just two out of the many art pieces that are part of the Foot Crazy series. Artist Gwen Murphy created his works using old boots and shoes, giving the master pieces the foot like shape. Since the year 2005 the shoes were themed to represent true love and relationships, and now they are sold for over 1000 dollars per piece. The artist was inspired by his love of shoes when thinking back to when he was a kid and thought that these shoes could be a master piece. Many of these shoes are meant to give a life like appearance to spook and boggle the minds of the viewers. images


This next art piece was created by Charles Avery, a Scottish artist who specialized in strange and unusual sculptures. Many of Avery’s work are all very different from each other and though they might have similar features they all tell a different story. Many pieces he have done have a very consistant use of color and contrast. This one has the base of it with a very dark shade for the base and when we look at the top of the sculpture we tend to notice how vibrant and bright the headpiece is. This could also be a medephor for the art of time and how art has changed over the years and how the art world has evolved over time.


cardboard Tower

This tower is not only for looks, but it is the ideal vacation spot for a new comer to New York city. The purpose of this structure was to create an accessible Hotel that saved space and time to get from point a to point b. Our Goal was to paint the tower with two colours, Black and white. Team work was considered to be a very key point to completing this project, because with out team work, this project would have only half of the good ideas than it does now. When we were working together we combined ideas to make a masterpiece. Working together gave me the chance to realise that art is not only a one player game. There have been many cases where artists have combined each others ideas and at sometimes even stole to make or create success. We today know and listen to multiple pieces that involve multiple artists. Music and movies are most commonly known to use this method, that is why there are times when you could be thinking that one song sounds just like another, because the artist could have borrowed or stole a beat to put in. This tower has also borrowed ideas from hotels of condos that we have been to in the past to make a new tower. We planned on making this piece as a branching. This means that one thing would connect to the other.

The Unconventional Pot

Throughout this pottery project I will start by saying that splitting up can be hard. When building my pot I feel that I built a connection with my art. I know that to some people this can be viewed as irrational and  silly to be falling in love with your art, but I will tell that I can relate this to parenting. Think about it. When Your parents have been raising you all these years to grow and become a stronger human being there are those times where you have to say good bye. This can relate of pottery, because no matter if it was 5 mins or 2 years you can develop a relationship. When were were told that we would have to cut 1/2 of our masterpieces off and receive another to add on , I feel that on some level that this was not only disappointing to me, but to the person who received ours. We were forced to give away half of our selfs, our personalities to receive another, witch makes the masterpiece that we will soon create no longer our pure persona, This project can relate to this artist, SooKyung, because when we are taking other’s work and combine them with our own, we are doing the same as taking art that has been discarded and creating a value. Her work was made up of “trashed Pots” and when she took those in to make something out of it, she wasn’t only recycling, but she was showing us that everything is made up of everything and we are not using that to our full advantage.

Wood Word Carving

Dignity and awareness, those are the words I chose to represent me. The reason why I chose those words to represent me, was because I feel that the significance that those two words show are every thing that I stand for. When it comes to having or owning dignity you have to have strength. For example when I show dignity, at times others may insult me, steal or lie to me, I will not fall. I will try not to show my inner sensitivity, because that is letting the opponent win and to me that is the last thing I want. Even if I loose the battle, I don’t want to make the match has been won. I could be sad that I lost the fight and go cry about it, or I could show dignity in loosing and remain strong.

The second word I chose was Aware. I have been taught over the years that having awareness is very important. You can show awareness in different ways weather it be current events, emotions or even by noticing who’s around you at this very second. I believe that this world needs to step back and take a long hard look at what is really happening in the big picture. I carved this word, because I feel that I could remind myself and others to step back and notice what is happening around you. I feel that I am begging this journey of what my true potential can be and in order for me to achieve that potential I have to show awareness towards my goals.