Communication and Media Arts Final Film

Shane and I decided to make a social experiment film. I think that it turned out really well considering neither of us had ever done anything like it before. The process however, was riddled with problems. The main one in the beginning was finding a suitable actor. We had tried to get 2 people to help us out, but after accepting, neither were able to film. The really big issue was simply organisation in general. I think that if we had been able to get a reliable actor sooner, the whole project would have run much more smoothly. Fortunately when we found a proper actor, everything fell into place, and we were finally able to get proper work done. Our other main problems were camera placement, and audio. We experimented with a hidden camera, however, we eventually ruled it out because it was very difficult to lure people to the camera. This begged the question of how would we take care of audio, as the cameraman would have to be farther away to not be noticed. After we found out that we could use a wire, it was smooth sailing from then on. All in all, I think it turned out really well and most of the issues of our film, were beyond our control.


SML Blog Post

  1. My topic is learning how Second World War pilots navigated. I chose it because it is a time period that interests me and I want to be a pilot when I grow up so I really am doing something I am passionate about.
  2. I am building 2 planes at once so I am having lots of difficulty making the cockpits and it is just a lot of hard work as well as having the stress of the time crunch. I have not yet overcome these challenges but I am confident I will.
  3. My project has changed greatly. It was originally to learn about how to deal with emergencies in modern airliners and now it is obviously ww2 navigation.
  4. I am really proud of my research actually, as well as the progress on one of my models, the Focke Wulf-190.
  5. I do not feel creative simply because I am really not a creative person. However, I do feel happy because I am pursuing my passion.
  6. I learned a navigation technique called dead reckoning and these are the steps:
  • Used when GPS fails and you can’t see the land
  • You need to know your heading (M), and the distance you’ve traveled in a certain amount of time.
  • – Or + to allow for magnetic variation. For true heading (T)
  •  Calculate variation according to compass rose
  • Set Plotter to heading.
  • Measure distance traveled and align plotter from point when the GPS fails to the distance traveled since then and mark at end distance to find current approximate position.
  1. I have always known I loved planes but I never thought I would enjoy the navigation aspect and now I really know that I love everything about aviation.

Social Studies Courage Reflection

In this unit one thing that we have learned is that racism is not a distant thing. The reflections that we did were definitely proof of that as we all had a story. I don’t think that my ideas have changed that much because although I haven’t experienced prejudice myself, I never have been protected from it. I think that my knowledge of racism is due to the fact that my parents came from Apartheid South Africa and even though I haven’t lived there, I have undoubtedly seen it when I go there. I think that because I have never been protected from it I don’t have new ideas. The reason I say that is because this unit is different than lots of other units which just teach about the civil rights or slavery. This unit makes you think about what it really is and I have seen it and I truly know what it can be.

Race should never define your identity however, more often than not it sadly does. Race, even if people do not judge it in a derogatory way will usually lend itself to pre-judgments. It really comes down to assumptions about a persons background. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that, but the fact of the matter is that it is true, and just about everyone does it. The trouble with this is that it could be rooted in something so much more than a first impression and where ever you might be you might judge other people in your head in a harmless way, however, it goes deeper than what you might think at first. People often judge themselves in that they might be thinking about what they should be doing, not based on what you want to do, but what you are expected to do. The “pre-judgement’ of race can run a lot deeper than one might think.

Competence Reflection

My main problem in the competence unit was not studying properly. I was not used to having such independent unit in the way of studying. I had the mindset that I could delay working on it until the end and just study at the last minute thinking, when I finish my notes I’m done. I was obviously very wrong. Next time, I really need to have the right mindset, and not cram. I should spread the work over time to better absorb the information.

Next time I want to prepare very differently. I was trying to make different things like brain frames to study better and I forgot to do the key thing. That was review. I did not review my notes enough. I simply made them and read over them once or twice. Next time I really need to make the notes early and focus on learning the information bit by bit.


Q4 Goals


I want to stay consistent with my reading and word wall. I plan to get at least 30 books in by the end of the year.



I am still wanting to work on language. I want to note down the literary techniques I am a bit shaky on but my main thing is to get my writing down on paper and give myself time to edit.

Spring Parent Conference Reflection

Photo on 8-3-16 at 11.30 am #2


I am really quite happy with my conferences. I definitely need to get into quite a few habits such as reading and updating my word wall. Most of my issues sprouted from simply not being organised. In my essays I was not doing so well in my conventions simply because I had not managed my time properly. I spend too much time thinking and not doing. To be more organised in my assignments, I want to cross things off of my planner instead of just writing my homework down. For speaking, I want to film myself before a presentation to see what I need to work on. All in all, I need to be more organised and most importantly get into good habits.

Photographic Map

I took pictures of the star wars exhibition in times square, my apartment, an general places in Hong Kong. I took pictures of these places simply because they are in someway special to me. Photographing these places made me see the finer details that I had never noticed before allowing me to see things in a different way. It was interesting finding different ways to assort completely unrelated photos and making them correlate with each other. It is in a way a map by virtue of the fact that everything is in the real general direction from the apartment, however, it is much more abstract and non proportionate.