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  1. My topic is learning how Second World War pilots navigated. I chose it because it is a time period that interests me and I want to be a pilot when I grow up so I really am doing something I am passionate about.
  2. I am building 2 planes at once so I am having lots of difficulty making the cockpits and it is just a lot of hard work as well as having the stress of the time crunch. I have not yet overcome these challenges but I am confident I will.
  3. My project has changed greatly. It was originally to learn about how to deal with emergencies in modern airliners and now it is obviously ww2 navigation.
  4. I am really proud of my research actually, as well as the progress on one of my models, the Focke Wulf-190.
  5. I do not feel creative simply because I am really not a creative person. However, I do feel happy because I am pursuing my passion.
  6. I learned a navigation technique called dead reckoning and these are the steps:
  • Used when GPS fails and you can’t see the land
  • You need to know your heading (M), and the distance you’ve traveled in a certain amount of time.
  • – Or + to allow for magnetic variation. For true heading (T)
  •  Calculate variation according to compass rose
  • Set Plotter to heading.
  • Measure distance traveled and align plotter from point when the GPS fails to the distance traveled since then and mark at end distance to find current approximate position.
  1. I have always known I loved planes but I never thought I would enjoy the navigation aspect and now I really know that I love everything about aviation.

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