Communication and Media Arts Final Film

Shane and I decided to make a social experiment film. I think that it turned out really well considering neither of us had ever done anything like it before. The process however, was riddled with problems. The main one in the beginning was finding a suitable actor. We had tried to get 2 people to help us out, but after accepting, neither were able to film. The really big issue was simply organisation in general. I think that if we had been able to get a reliable actor sooner, the whole project would have run much more smoothly. Fortunately when we found a proper actor, everything fell into place, and we were finally able to get proper work done. Our other main problems were camera placement, and audio. We experimented with a hidden camera, however, we eventually ruled it out because it was very difficult to lure people to the camera. This begged the question of how would we take care of audio, as the cameraman would have to be farther away to not be noticed. After we found out that we could use a wire, it was smooth sailing from then on. All in all, I think it turned out really well and most of the issues of our film, were beyond our control.


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