Robotics Project 2

Intro: This is my second project in robotics. We were able to do anything we wanted and get it approved. Malcolm and I chose to do a crane sorter for the project which will sort different colour balls into the corresponding boxes.






We are behind schedule at the moment. In the beginning we had some trouble getting it approved because we wanted to do a robot arm as an extension of the human hand and ended up doing a crane. We had some trouble finding a plausible design for the  base which would rotate the crane.

I finally found an easy and reliable way of making that and I now need to attach the wheels onto the base and then finally complete the crane. I estimate that this should take 2 periods tops to complete the construction. We are now attaching the wheels onto the base and getting started on the crane. We have caught up a fair bit but the crane will be quite hard to do, but if we really push we will definitely get it done soon.

This is period 12 of 16 and I have jest figured out a way to do the crane. Originally the front part of the crane was too heavy and the base simply could not support that part. I found a way to use a smaller motor to able to achieve the goal. I have also found a way to hold up the motor to reduce friction. I have finally made a breakthrough and I think I will be able to get the project done on time.

At this point I have finished most of the crane and I simply need to attach the claws and I need to make a better foundation so that the crane stays on the base. now I need to do the programming, sensors and the last details and that will be the end of that.

I have now attached the crane to the actual body and I will now be attaching the claws to it and start the programming.

I am now finishing the construction of the claw and attaching the final sensors. We have now decided to program the robot to follow a line because it will be much more complicated if we do a more free flowing program. We are almost done with construction and we will be able to move onto programming very soon. After we program some of it we will then move onto the filming and other stages of the robotics project. I have also done about 70% of the audio log. I have covered what we have changed as of today and the final result of the robot.

I am on the last lesson for the project and I don’t think I will be able to finish the project. I have hit yet another speed bump and that is that the sensors on the crane are too heavy for it to support. I will be able to do the construction but the programming will probably not be completed by 3:10.

I have finished the project but I couldn’t program the robot unfortunately. I finished the construction of the robot but I underestimated how complicated it would actually be.

How it Works:

The way our robot works is by using a light sensor to follow along a trail and will stop when it sees a specific object. It will then pick up the project, and drop it into the corresponding box.