Makey Makey Challenge

For our partner Makey Makey projects, Olivia and I decided to create a Whack-A-Mole game using scratch and a Makey Makey console.

For this project, I decided to use Scratch as my main coding platform. First, we started to construct the graphics as well as find the sprite for the game. In order to do this, we had to design the backdrop for the mole game and find the images of the moles. Once we did that, we arranged them all on scratch. In order to get the mallet graphic to work, we had to find two sprites-one of a regular mallet and one of the mallet when it was being pounded. In order to get them to change over, we had to set the code to change between the different costumes.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 8.36.29 PM

Next, we began actually coding the game itself. This was the difficult part of the project that Olivia and I were unfortunately unable to complete within the three classes.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 8.38.26 PM


Since this was basically my first time using scratch to code something, I wasn’t very fluent with how to use it. However, by the end of the three lessons, Olivia and I managed to get the moles to pop out randomly from their holes and the timer to work. However, we weren’t able to get the mallet nor the score counter to work. I think that If we were given more time, we would’ve been able to finish this project. Unfortunately, because of this, we were never able to test it using a makey makey and a real life mallet.

Something both Olivia and I could both improve on could be possibly time management and prioritization. During the project, we actually decided to make the mole holes that we ended up not using. Because of this, it cut down on the amount of time we were able to spend actually coding the game. Furthermore, I believe that we could’ve both collaborated more. To be honest, I felt during some points that I was doing the work and Olivia was kinda just there. Nonetheless, we were still able to work together to try and get as much done as possible.



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