Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet Survey Reflection:

From this survey, I have learned that people have disagreements. Though my dad and I had pretty much the same opinion, we still had some differences. I think that we had similar thoughts because our parents have taught us to possess these certain traits because they think that these are positive traits that will help us in our lives in society. I think that because our parents teach us to adapt these traits, they would want to find us a mate who would also possess these traits because they think that they will help us in life.


William Shakespeare

The Globe Theatre


Romeo and Juliet Movie

Act One: Scene One

In this scene, it starts off with two servants from the Capulet family at the Verona market, and they see two servants from the Montague family. The Capulet servants want to start a fight, so they go up to the other servants and start to insult them. Eventually, I fight breaks out and draws Romeo’s cousin, Benovolio’s attention, who then tries to maintain peace. At this time, Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt comes and starts fighting with Benvolio. The market becomes a fight scene, which attracts the leaders of both families, and Prince Escalus, the leader of Verona. He announces that if they ever fight again, they would have to pay for it with their lives. Afterwards, Benvolio spots Romeo walking in the street, lovesick. Romeo later witnesses injured Montagues being lifted inside. This shocks him, as he wants to have peace between the two families.


Romeo and Juliet Movie

Act One: Scene Two

In this scene, Paris asks Juliet’s father for Juliet’s hand in marriage. He replies that he must win her heart since she hasn’t yet turned 14.

Act One: Scene Three

In this scene, Juliet’s mom asks Juliet whether or not if she can provide Paris with love. She replies that she can if she thinks that he is ok when she meets him at that ball. Juliet’s nurse is proud of her and wants to see her married.

Act One: Scene Four

In this scene, Romeo speaks about his dreams and how he fears that he may die at the ball. Mercuto goes on about this “Queen Mab” for a long time. Then, Romeo has to tell him to stop, before they are off to the party, leaving Romeo there to think about his dream.

Act One: Scene Five

In this scene, Romeo is greeted by Juliet’s dad before entering the ball. He encounters Juliet and calls her as “true beauty”. Tybalt recognises Romeo and goes to Juliet’s dad to complain that he is a Montague. Juliet’s dad and mom both insult him and don’t do a thing about Romeo. Romeo and Juliet dance together, and when the singer sings, Romeo says one Shakespear’s famous quotes: “Let lips do what hands do.” and they kiss twice. Afterwards, they find out about eachother’s identites, that they are enemies

Act Two: Scene One

In this short scene, Romeo climbs up a tree to try and escape his friends. They call for his name, for they are drunk, and walk away after calling for him a few times. Then, ROmeo jumps over the wall and into the Capulet property.

Act Two: Scene Two:

In this mushy scene, Romeo briefly stalks Juliet before going up to her. Then, they do a lot of kissing and Romeo asks for Juliet to marry her. Then, they organise a messenger to find out when and where they are going to get married. Then, Romeo swings down on the tree with his monkey skills, just when Juliet returns, and he has to climb back up the tree and they kiss-again before parting there way.



Romeo and Juliet Movie

Act Two: Scene Three

In this scene, Romeo is seen to seek the priest, who is collection herbs in the fields. Romeo tells him that he is no longer in love with Rosaline, but now in love with Juliet, the daughter of rich Capulet. At first, the priest scolds Romeo for playing with love. Then the priest sees a vision, and agreees to perform the ceremony to wed the two lovers, and to try and end the continuing conflict between the two families.

Act Two: Scene Four

In this scene, Mercuto asks Benvolio where Romeo is, and Benvolio tells him about Tybalt’s challenge to kill Romeo. Then, Mercuto and his friends are fooling around on the street, and Romeo decides to join them. Then, Juliet’s nurse appears and states that she is looking for Romeo. Romeo’s friends then mock him, before Romeo and the nurse attempt to leave to have a private word. Mercutio and his friends try ans eavesdrop, but is scolded by the nurse. Then, they all get into a large argument, resulting in Mercuto and his friends leaving. Then, the nurse tells Romeo the news.

Act Two: Scene Five

In this scene, Juliet is seen impatiently waiting for the nurse to return, and is very excited when she does. The nurse looks and speaks sadly, so Juliet thinks there is going to be bad news. After a lot of useless chat, the nurse tells Juliet that she is to meet Friar Laurence at his cell tomorrow at 9, so that they can be wed. Juliet is overjoyed by the news.

Act Two: Scene Six

In this scene, Romeo and Frair Laurence are having a conversation when Juliet comes in. They go crazy with the kissing, before he leads them to be wed. Before he leads them, he tells Romeo that he shouldn’t over-love her.

Act Three: Scene One

In this long scene, Mercuto and Benvolio are discussing who is more likely to be in a quarrel, when Tybalt and his gang apppear. Tybalt asks them where Romeo is, before when Romeo shows up himself. Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel, but Romeo turns down the offer. Mercuto offers to fight instead, which results in Tybalt killing Mercuto. Tybalt is frightened by this, and runs away with his gang. Romeo is angered by this and chases them. Romeo challenges Tybalt to a fight, and kills Tybalt.

Act Three: Scene Two

In this scene, both the corpses are brought to the prince and the Lady Capulet wants Romeo dead. Instead, the prince sends Romeo on an exile. Romeo is at Frair Laurence’s house, where he throws a tantrum and tries to kill himself. Then, the nurse arranges Romeo to spend one last night with Juliet, so he does. Afterwards, Romeo leaves.

Act Three: Scene Three

In this scene, Lady Capulet comes to tell Juliet that she will be married to Paris on Thursday morning. Juliet begs for them to cancel, but Capulet says that if she does not marry Paris, they will banish her from their house. Juliet asks her nurse for advice, who says that she should marry Paris, since he is better looking than Romeo.

Act Four: Scene One

In this scene, Juliet goes to Frair Laurence and asks him for advice. He gave her a solution that would make her appear dead for 42 hours. Juliet takes to solution and leaves.

Act Four: Scene Two

In this scene, Juliet tells Lady Capulet and Capulet that she has decided to marry Paris. Capulet is so happy that he moves the wedding to the next day, which is Wednesday. Juliet drinks the solution, and “dies”. Frair Laurence sends a letter to Romeo saying that Juliet is not actually dead, she is just “sleeping”.

Act Four: Scene Three

In this scene, it starts with the nurse crying that Juliet is dead. Her parents are shocked and deeply grieve. Then, a funeral is arranged, where Juliet is lowered into the grave. Romeo’s servant, Balthasar witnesses this event and tells Romeo that she is actually dead before the letter can get to Romeo.

Act Five: Scene One

In this scene, Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead, and Romeo is deeply saddened, and leaves to go to Verona to die alongside Juliet. On his way to Verona, he passes the monk who is to send the letter informing him that Juliet is not dead. He arrives at the tomb, and proceeds to go inside.


Act Five: Scene Two

In this scene, it starts off with the two bodies of Juliet and Romeo being carried to the Prince’s palace. The prince examines the two bodies, and tells the two families that it is their fault that has lead to their death since they have been arguing for such a long time.


Romeo and Juliet Visual Rep Rubric

Romeo and Juliet Scene

Romeo and Juliet Oral Presentation


Romeo and Juliet Visual Grid (Group work)


Romeo and Juliet Visual Grid Individual


R+J Frame Analysis Summative


Andre Agassi Website Draft


This is my Champions! project that I based on Andre Agassi. It is a collection of poems, journal entries, letters, trading cards, maps, timelines, and a press conference all compiled to inform the reader about my Champions! person, Andre Agassi.





These are the three poems that I wrote about Andre Agassi’s experiences through a first person perspective.




This is the journal entry I wrote as Andre about his experience during one of his hard times-his divorce with his first wife, actor Brooke Shields.



This is the nomination letter I wrote to the President’s Meritorious Award judges to nominate Andre to receive their reward.



How To Use A Freaking Comma by Shmoop

  • Serial commas are used before the “and” at the end of the list
  • Don’t use a comma when separating a dependent and independent clause
  • Use a comma when you are addressing some one in particular
  • Use a comma when you are using more than 1 adjective to describe a noun


Punctuating Dialogue by Heather Martin

  • Only the exact words spoken by a person are inside the quotation marks
  • Leave the punctuation marks of a sentence spoken inside quotation marks
  • There are two types of speech- interrupted and uninterrupted
  • Uninterrupted speech only has quotation marks at the beginning and end of the words spoken.
  • Remember to start a new paragraph each time the speaker changes!
  • You don’t have to state their names when two people are speaking


Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences by MissW

  • A simple sentence is also known as an independent clause
  • A compound sentence is a sentence that is made up of two independent clauses and linked together by a coordinating conjunction
  • Complex sentences are sentences that are made up of several clauses
  • There will usually be one or more subordinate conjunctions in a complex sentence
  • Complex sentences can be made up of simple and compound sentences


Tenses Table


Colons by Shmoop.

  • Colons appear in sentences, lists, and salutations.
  • Complete sentence: clarify or expand.
  • Complete sentence: list of things.
  • Eg: Timmy wants several toys for toys for Christmas: an Easy Bake oven, a water color kit, a Barbie doll, and a Lite-Brite.
  • Use colons sparingly!
  • You can trade out a colon with the word namely.
  • Colons can also be found in the salutation of letters.
  • Eg: Dear Mom:
  • You don’t have to capitalize the first letter after a colon unless the word is one that would normally be capitalized.



Mrs. Jones Plan

Mrs. Jones 1st Draft

Replanting Mrs. Jones Formative


Seedfolks Character Paragraph


Seedfolks Royce Summative Packet


Mystery Mania Initial Reading


Summary Formative


Harold Holt Formative Essay

Summative WPP


MH370 Mystery Summative


Mystery Summary


Champions Person Journal Rubric

Champions Person Poems Rubric


Andre Agassi Nomination Letter

Andre Agassi Press Conference


Visual Literacy


Champions Essay


Quarter 2 Goals:

Writing: Use more vivid word choice when writing pieces.

S: I will use some words that I have put on my wonder words wall and some from the vocabulary I learn at home.

M: I will try and learn and memorise 5 new vocabulary words per week to enlarge my word bank.

A: I will read more to study the types of words the author uses and use those words when writing my own pieces.

R: I will need to stick with the 5 words a week and Revise regularly to make sure that I have memorised them.

T:I want to be able to use more advanced vocabulary in my writing pieces by the end of Q2


Reading: To have read books from different genres

S: I will go to the library regularly and find the books in a specific genre that I find interesting

M:My goal is to have at least 1 book in the specific genre recorded on my reading log.

A: I will read genres according to what we are learning to LA class and according to the genres listed on the reading log.

R: I will organize myself by reading for 30 mins a night and 2 books a week.

T: I want to have read 1 book from each of the genre by the end of Q2.


Quarter 3 Goals:

Writing: My goal is to incorporate the vocabulary words that I learn at home into my writing pieces as well as being consistent with learning new vocabulary.

S: I will use the words from the vocabulary I learn at home.

M: I will try and learn and memorise 5 new vocabulary words per week to enlarge my word bank.

A: I will read more to study the types of words the author uses and use those words when writing my own pieces.

R: I will need to stick with the 5 words a week and revise regularly to make sure that I have memorised them. I will also make a list of words that I may want to use before writing pieces for summatives.

T:I want to be able to use more advanced vocabulary in my writing pieces by the end of Q3


Reading: My goal is to have read at least one book from each NF genre in the reading log.

S: I will go to the library each week and pick out a new NF book according to the reading log.

M: I will try and complete one NF book every week or so depending on the length and complexity of the book.

A: I will read different types of NF books, not just the type that I like reading.

R: I will make a reminder on my laptop once a week to remind me that I need to go to the library and pick up a new book.

T: I want to have read at least one or two NF books from each genre listed on the reading log by the end of Q3.



Quarter 2 Work Habits

Quarter 2 Goals Presentation



Goals for Quarter 4:


My writing goal for Q4 is to be able to use words that I have written in my wonder words wall in my summative and other writing pieces.

S: This goal is specific because I have stated that I want to be able to use them in my writing pieces.

M: This goal is measurable because I can see the improvement when I check my word choice grade on powerschool or when I re-read my writing pieces.

A: I think that this is a sensible goal because it is not hard to achieve and as long as I put effort into memorising the words in my word wall, I will be able to use them.

R: This is a realistic goal because my word choice hasn’t been very broad so I think that this goal will help me to variegate my word choice so my vocabulary bank will increase.

T: This goal will be achieved by the end of Q4 in my writing pieces.



My reading goal for this Q4 is to record the interesting words that I stumble upon in my reading into my Wonder Words Wall.

S: This is a specific goal because I want to record the interesting words that I can use in my writing pieces.

M: I think that this is a measurable goal because I will know when I have achieved it by looking at the amount of words that I have on my wall.

A: I think that this goal is attainable because as long as I read challenging books that have vocabulary words that seem difficult and remember to write them down on my wall, I can achieve this goal.

R: This goal is not too difficult to achieve since it is sensible and it can be achieved as long as I put work into it.

T: I think that my goal will be achieved at the end of Q4 when I check my wonder words wall and see that I have written more words.


Quarter 3 Goals Ruberic


Q4 Work Habits Reflection


Q4 Goals Presentation

Wonder Words Wall

Blessed by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Seductive-Tempting and Attractive.

Marsupial-A type of mammal carried inside the mother’s pouch.

Preternatural-Beyond what is natural.

Blanketed-Completely covered with something.



The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Tinny-A thin, metallic sound.

Gnat-A small two winged fly that resembles a mosquito.




Other Words:

Infatuation-A short lived passion.




Quizlet Test 1

Quizlet Test 2

Quizlet Test 3

Quizlet Test 4


Revolution by Deborah Wiles

Lowly: Low in status or importance.


The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

Egress: An exit.

Romeo&Juliet Quizlet Test




Abundance: A large number of

Akin: Related by blood


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Episcopal-Of a bishop or bishops.

Facet-One side of an object that has many sides.

Peril-Serious danger.

Myriad-An extremely great number of something.

Monopoly-The exclusive possession or control of something.

Monotone-A continuing sound.


Hamartia-A small fatal flaw leading to the fall of a great hero.


Contemporary American Poetry arranged by Sheila Griffin Llanas

Halcyon-A period of time that was happy and peaceful.

Omnipresence-Present anywhere at anytime.

Prodigal-Spending money or using resources carelessly.

Pragmatical-Dealing with things sensibly.

Amenable-Open to suggestion

Finical-A person fussy about their needs or requirements.

Carnal-Relating to physical needs and desires.

Incarnadine-A bright crimson color.

Accouterments-An additional item of clothing or equipment.

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Rustic: Rural