Unconventional Pot Reflection Post

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I think that my pot that I made in this project was somewhat similar to Yee Sookyung’s work. The pot I made and the pots that she makes both incorporate different pots being combined together to create a whole new piece. I think that my pot is still kind of a pot. My ‘pot’ has holes in the design, so it can’t contain any liquids. It has a base, so I can use it as a cool candle holder.

Inspired Object Reflection Post

In this clay project, we had to choose an object that had a meaning to us and create a pot that relates to that object. I decided to use a roll of tape because I like to do a lot of crafting and I think a roll of tape can symbolise that. I incorporated the roll of tape in my pot in the end by stamping imprints on the pot and the lip of the pot. They made abstract circle patterns. I think that if I were to complete this project again, I think that I should sketch out my pot better before I started creating it. I realised that all the weight of the pot was resting on one part and that put a lot of pressure on that area. This led to that part being sensitive and cracking all the time. I’m proud of the fact that I learned how to create a pot by using the coil method. This allowed my pot to transition better.


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Clay Slab Relief Reflection Post



One good thing that you can do on a clay slab instead of a wood slab is that you can repair any mistakes you have made. Instead of painting over it, you can simply rub some clay in and it’ll look like how it was before. The clay is also softer than the wood, so carving and making indents is easier. I personally think that the clay slab project was much easier than the wood carving project because the carving process was easier and not as tiring.

Cardboard Tower Reflection

1) Describe your ideas (inspiration) for the form and function of your work.

Our main inspiration for our tower was the eiffel tower. Though the structure is very similar, it isn’t EXACTLY the same. We lined the layers up so that it is going up like a staircase. The function of the tower is for it to be a shelf. You can put items between the layers.

3) How effective would your sculpture be as a real tower? Please explain in terms of place (city/country) and how people would “use” it.

The function for our tower was for it to be a kids play area. Parents could drop their kids off to play while they do other stuff.  I think it would be built in an area where parents are very busy and babysitters are hard to find.

4) Share one aspect of how your group worked well together and one aspect of how your group could have improved in the area of teamwork.

I think one area where our group worked well in was that we co-operated together and got work done quickly because we worked toget

Self Evaluation

1) What is one project you are proud of?

I think that the project that I am most proud of is my wood carving sculpture. I think that I have put a lot of creativity into my carving. I have done some research before I started carving and then used my own ideas to turn the simple word carved on the wood block into a picture.

2) How have you gained a better understanding of art?

Before taking this course, I thought of art as just a drawing or a painting. During my time in class, I have learnt that it is not only a painting or drawing, but it could be in many other forms. It could community art, wood carving, or building cardboard towers. Art can be in many shapes and forms. A lot of us don’t recognise that some of the items we see or use daily are works of art.

3) What is one area of improvement that you need to make?

I think one of the areas of improvement that I need to make is to make sure that all of my research or reflection posts are handed in on time. Sometimes, I just complete the project but forget to complete the posts. To improve on this, I will write down every week to check the posts list and make sure that all of my posts that are due are handed in.

4) What skills OR work habits have you developed?

I have developed some understanding skills on understanding what sculpture is.



I used card, paper, string, a hammer, tape and a nail to make my sketch book. I will include a picture when I am done designing the cover. First, we taped the two pieces of card together. then, we folded 6 sheets of A3 paper in half, so that they fit inside of the cardboard cover. Then, I marked points every three centimetres. We used a hammer to hammer holes into the point and then used string to bind up using the 2 over and one back strategy.


Photo on 19-5-15 at 8.56 AM