Cardboard Tower Reflection

1) Describe your ideas (inspiration) for the form and function of your work.

Our main inspiration for our tower was the eiffel tower. Though the structure is very similar, it isn’t EXACTLY the same. We lined the layers up so that it is going up like a staircase. The function of the tower is for it to be a shelf. You can put items between the layers.

3) How effective would your sculpture be as a real tower? Please explain in terms of place (city/country) and how people would “use” it.

The function for our tower was for it to be a kids play area. Parents could drop their kids off to play while they do other stuff.  I think it would be built in an area where parents are very busy and babysitters are hard to find.

4) Share one aspect of how your group worked well together and one aspect of how your group could have improved in the area of teamwork.

I think one area where our group worked well in was that we co-operated together and got work done quickly because we worked toget