Andre Agassi Website Draft


This is my Champions! project that I based on Andre Agassi. It is a collection of poems, journal entries, letters, trading cards, maps, timelines, and a press conference all compiled to inform the reader about my Champions! person, Andre Agassi.





These are the three poems that I wrote about Andre Agassi’s experiences through a first person perspective.




This is the journal entry I wrote as Andre about his experience during one of his hard times-his divorce with his first wife, actor Brooke Shields.



This is the nomination letter I wrote to the President’s Meritorious Award judges to nominate Andre to receive their reward.

Social Studies Unit 2 Mid-Reflection

During Unit 2, I learnt a lot about Asia. I also gained knowledge on the different types of vegetation and climate zones. Before this unit, I didn’t know any of the formal names of the vegetation and climate zones. I also learned how the climate in a region can influence the vegetation and economic activity in that region. I am aiming for the Ferdinand Magellan badge this unit because I want to have seen a improvement throughout this Unit. I think that I have kept up with my learning goal from Unit 1 since  always set down a portion of the packet to do each night so that I wouldn’t need to rush on the last day before the assignment is due. During conferences, we discussed that I need to focus more during class and at home so that I can save time and be productive.

My Goal:

To be able to focus fully on what I am doing and try to use my time as best as I can to be the most productive that I can be.




Link (An article on how the climate can influence the vegetation):


OccupyHK News

I understand that the students protesting and the government of HK will be having a discussion on the solution to the democracy issue. CY Leung has announced that he will not resign to this cause and he will stay as Chief Executive. President Xi has announced that he does support democracy in Hong Kong but just not the “western type”.

I think that the students are doing the right thing, protesting in what they believe should happen. I feel bad for the students also because of the criticising comments they have received for being “selfish” for blocking the streets and disturbing life. As a matter of fact, they are not selfish at all. They are protesting for other people’s vote and some of those people may be criticising them. I think that the way the students are treated for their actions is not right.

I am confused about why the government is not taking any action with the students. So far, they have not schedueled any conferences on how they can resolve the problem. I also don’t understand why China is not doing anything either. They are being so calm and acting like nothing has happened. China should be more involved in this issue and take more action.



Social Studies Unit 1 Reflection

During Unit 1, I gained a lot of knowledge. I mostly learnt about the traits of a map. In order for a map to be functional, it must have a grid, a compass rose, a scale, a title, and a legend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I thought that being able to do homework in class was good because we had time to do our homework in class so we could have extra time at home to review and read the texts from the textbook.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 12.35.00 PMFor my Unit 1 badge, I got the Marco Polo badge. I know that I need to improve on my vocabulary that I use when I answer short and long answer questions. I still have many other things that I need to improve on so I agree with Mr. Pierce’s choice.                                                                                                                                  One learning strategy that did work for me was reviewing the texts. I would read the texts and that helped me remember the information on the textbook. One thing that didn’t work for me is the notes packet because I always waited until the end to do it so I was in a hurry.                                                                                      My goal for Unit 2:

I will assign a portion of the notes packet for each day of the week so I can complete it without hurrying at the end. This way I can make sure that I will complete it on time and I can get into a good habit of doing a little bit each day.