Lego Car Reflection Post

For this project, we were all assigned to build a car out of lego with no motors or brains. This car had to pass the drop test without smashing into pieces, and be able to run across the carpet floor.

In the beginning, I decided to build a basic car body since the project was to build a car. I used 2 long pieces of lego, 2 axels, and 2 wheels. After Mr. Lea asked if we could think about adding a compartment that allows things to be stored on the vehicle, I decided to add a platform where you could add little objects. At first, I just simply attached it to the base of the car. When trying the drop test, I realized that the platform couldn’t stay on the body. I continued to add supports connecting the platform and the body of the car. After try and try again, I finally got the platform to stay intact with the body. Though I got the two pieces to stay together, this added a lot of weight to the car.

The main thing that I had learned from this project was that you may not always get the results you want on the first or second try. It takes many trials and revisions to get the product that you want. It took me many trials to get the shape of the body I wanted for the car, and even more to be able to attach the platform to the body. This has taught me to be patient, as it can take many tries to get your desired product.

I think that one important skill that I can use for the next project is making many revisions. At the end of the day, we all want the best product that we can produce. We have to try and attempt many designs so that we can select the best outcome.

Photo on 1-9-15 at 9.43 AM