Social Studies Unit 2 Mid-Reflection

During Unit 2, I learnt a lot about Asia. I also gained knowledge on the different types of vegetation and climate zones. Before this unit, I didn’t know any of the formal names of the vegetation and climate zones. I also learned how the climate in a region can influence the vegetation and economic activity in that region. I am aiming for the Ferdinand Magellan badge this unit because I want to have seen a improvement throughout this Unit. I think that I have kept up with my learning goal from Unit 1 since  always set down a portion of the packet to do each night so that I wouldn’t need to rush on the last day before the assignment is due. During conferences, we discussed that I need to focus more during class and at home so that I can save time and be productive.

My Goal:

To be able to focus fully on what I am doing and try to use my time as best as I can to be the most productive that I can be.




Link (An article on how the climate can influence the vegetation):