Art Photographic Map Reflection

I believe my Photographic Map was done pretty well. In my map, I chose three places. My house, school, and the park outside my house. I chose these because I spend a lot of time in them, especially school and house. School has been great for me this year and last year, as I’ve made a lot of friends in that time. My house, while I’ve lived for in only one year, has been a great part of my life, since I do a lot of my daily activities here. The park is also where I do a lot of my activities as well, and is also the place where it takes me to school. So pretty much without it, I wouldn’t be able to go to school. While taking a picture of the garden, I never realised how beautiful and amazing it is, all the nature and everything. I think what made me able to be creative was the idea to make it look like a map, and it didn’t have to be like a real map. It is like a map, since even though it isn’t a real place, it has roads and filler like a satellite map of a place.

Summative Photo Task 3

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.38.58 AM

This is a photo of my friend jumping of a rock. For compositional rules, I decided to take the photo while I was crouching and facing up so it was closer to the action and the subject. The mood I am sort of trying to convey is excitement, since the photo is really action-based, and it makes you think of excitement. The three most important things in creating an action photograph are the light and shadows, the motion blur, and sometimes the background.

Summative Task Photo 1



For this photo of Jason, I wanted to use a low aperture to focus on the subject and blur out the background. I think that focusing on the subject is more important than getting everything in the photo. The mood I am trying to convey is a happy mood, because I think that nature and my subject together look great and happy. I believe the most important parts of a portrait is the subject, and the background. Even though the background isn’t the subject, if you blur it out it makes you focus on the subject more.

Afghan Girl

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.23.55 AM


I think that the story of this girl is that she is a poor girl from a developing country who is struggling for her freedom.

The real story of this girl originates from a National Geographic Photo by Steve McCurry. Her real name is Sharbat Gula, and it’s one of the most famous magazine covers in National Geographic history.

Art and Design Still Life Reflection

I believe that my Still Life drawing is very accurate, though I think it could be better, because I only had one day left to finish it. The drawing is the image of a skull with a flower coming out of it’s mouth. I think that drawing is to not only let out your ideas, but to express your feelings to the world, like poems and books. The truth is that everybody can draw, it’s just that maybe you haven’t practiced that much, or you don’t believe in yourself, which is never good. A person can never “not do” something, they always can, it’s just that you have to work hard and believe in yourself.

Grid Drawing

Photo on 24-9-15 at 9.16 AM

Steven Speilberg

I chose Steven Spielberg because he made a lot of my favourite movies, including Jurassic Park, Jaws, and also that he was one of the first people who’s movies I watched. Thanks to me drawing this, I now appreciate him more and how important he was in movie industry. Now that I drew him, I also realized he looks a lot like Steve Jobs. One of the things that helped me achieve this drawing was the grid, some help from Mr. Lee, and the picture itself. The three reasons that the grid transfer was good are that it helps me with proportions, it helps me with the placement, and lastly to be accurate with the drawing. I think that the things that could be improved is the accuracy, the actual drawing, and shading. Shading was never something I was good at.