SML Reflection #1

Movie Screenplay

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 7.55.21 AM Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 7.55.21 AM Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 7.55.46 AM

What is your topic and why did you choose it?

I chose to write a screenplay, one original, one based on an existing property, because I am passionate about film, and writing film I believe is the next step into developing my passion.

Describe your experience so far: What challenges have you faced? Did you overcome those challenges?

The main challenge I have faced so far is choosing what to write about, a challenge I hope to overcome in the upcoming SML sessions.

Has your project changed since the beginning? If so, how?

In the original plan for the project I was planning to write three short screenplays, which due to time constraints has been shortened to two.

What are you proud of so far?

The research I have compiled over the last couple SML sessions, has really helped me improve my understanding of the topic of screenplay writing.

Do you feel creative when doing SML? If so, what are the conditions that help you to be creative?

Allowing me time to work in the SML sessions, has really helped me become more creative.

Can you share any specific samples of your learning?

During my research, I began to understand how to write specific things in my screenplays, including tension and compelling villains, have really helped me in my writing.

What have you learned about yourself as a learner? How do you learn best? Does the structure of SML help? Or is the structure frustrating for you?

I feel the structure of SML has really helped with my learning.


First Writing Formative

Photo on 9-27-16 at 11.31 AM Photo on 9-27-16 at 11.32 AM Photo on 9-27-16 at 11.32 AM #2



I feel that throughout the narrative I did a good job of displaying a mood and using figurative language. I now know that for my next piece I need to make sure that if dialogue is needed that I put dialogue in parts of my piece. I also need to work on for developing supporting characters in my piece to help show the change in my main character.


Second Narrative

Photo on 10-5-16 at 11.27 AM #2 Photo on 10-5-16 at 11.28 AM Photo on 10-5-16 at 11.28 AM #2




I now know that for following pieces I have to use more symbolism to help with the mood of the narrative. I also have to focus on showing not telling and I have to be more clear when explaining what the lesson of the story is.


Summative Narrative

Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.06 PM Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.07 PM Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.07 PM #2


One thing that I was really proud of after writing this piece was my metaphor that I had through out the piece of the storm being a monster. I am really proud of this because it embodies a child’s view on the world. One thing that I have to improve on is my symbolism.

Peak Poem

Photo on 11-14-16 at 1.57 PM Photo on 11-14-16 at 1.57 PM #2 Photo on 11-14-16 at 1.58 PM


I am proud of how I did on this poem as I have always thought of myself as not the best poet, so this was a great surprise. For next time I need to focus on shortening my poem and to remember to staple the poem in the correct order.

Death Penalty Argument Essay

Photo on 1-23-17 at 11.31 AM Photo on 1-23-17 at 11.31 AM #2 Photo on 1-23-17 at 11.31 AM #3 Photo on 1-23-17 at 11.32 AM


Photo on 1-23-17 at 11.33 AM Photo on 1-23-17 at 11.33 AM #2 Photo on 1-23-17 at 11.33 AM #3



I feel that had a well thought out essay, that could have been improved by fixing some awkward wording early on in the piece.

Ted Talk

Photo on 2-20-17 at 11.52 AM


Reflection : I feel that I did well on this assignment but for following assignments I need to spread the work out so I don’t get stressed.


Pray For the World Poem

Photo on 4-6-17 at 10.59 AM Photo on 4-6-17 at 10.59 AM #2 Photo on 4-6-17 at 10.59 AM #4

Reflection-I am proud of how I did on this poem, especially the structure I used. For next time I should start working on the poem farther in advance, allowing me to have more edits.

Everything Has Its Cost Essay

Photo on 4-18-17 at 2.23 PM Photo on 4-18-17 at 2.23 PM #2 Photo on 4-18-17 at 2.23 PM #3 Photo on 4-18-17 at 2.23 PM #4 Photo on 4-18-17 at 2.23 PM #5 Photo on 4-18-17 at 2.24 PM


One thing I felt I did really well in this piece was my ability to have big ideas that I could express in my writing. Looking ahead to future pieces, I have to remember to clearly walk my reader through these big ideas.

DEJ Formative

Photo on 5-16-17 at 1.51 PM Photo on 5-16-17 at 1.52 PM

Strengths-I feel that my comparison of the quote to personal and the real world were well written in both language and content.

Areas of Improvement-Specific details, such as underlining the title of a play, are things I must pay more attention to during my next DEJ.

DEJ Formative 2

Photo on 5-31-17 at 10.52 AM Photo on 5-31-17 at 10.52 AM #2


Strengths-I feel my use of outside connections was well written.

Areas of Improvement-My author’s intent section was not as strong.


Photo on 5-31-17 at 10.54 AM Photo on 5-31-17 at 10.55 AM Photo on 5-31-17 at 10.55 AM #2 Photo on 5-31-17 at 10.55 AM #3

Strengths-My use of Shakespearean language and being true to my character were strong.

Areas of Improvement-I should work on my use of Iambic Petameter


Photo on 6-8-17 at 10.58 AM Photo on 6-8-17 at 10.58 AM #2 Photo on 6-8-17 at 10.58 AM #3



Reading formative 2

Photo on 9-27-16 at 11.09 AM Photo on 9-27-16 at 11.09 AM #2 Photo on 9-27-16 at 11.09 AM #3



In this reading formative I failed to understand that the piece was a coming of age story, and I also didn’t comprehend the significance of some of the moments within the piece. One thing I feel that I did do well though was being able to answer the questions in the format that we talked about in class that includes an opinion, a quote, and a so what. I now know that for my next reading formative I have to read deeper into the text to fully comprehend what the author is trying to display to the reader.

Reading Summative

Photo on 11-14-16 at 1.47 PM Photo on 11-14-16 at 1.48 PM Photo on 11-14-16 at 1.48 PM #2


Overall I am proud of how I improved with this reading summative compared to the previous formatives. I feel taking notes exponentially improved my writing along with using the format given.

Reading summative

Photo on 1-23-17 at 11.36 AM Photo on 1-23-17 at 11.36 AM #2 Photo on 1-23-17 at 11.36 AM #3

In this piece I did a good job at using the format of opinion, quote, so what. For following reading assessments I need to work on the actual quality of my writing.

Book Club 1

Book Club 2

Final Book Club

Traits of Conversation

Photo on 3-8-17 at 1.44 PM Photo on 3-8-17 at 1.44 PM #2 Photo on 3-8-17 at 1.44 PM #3

Reflection-After having done three book talks I feel my skills of conversation about books have vastly improved. After my first book club, the main thing I had to work on was monitoring my own air time, making sure others had the time to speak. By the final book club, I was better at this, but there is still room for improvement. The main aspect of my book talks that stayed strong throughout was my ability to analyze both the elements of fiction, and the quality of the writing.

Reading Post it notes

Photo on 3-22-17 at 1.56 PM Photo on 3-22-17 at 1.57 PM


Soliloquy Presentation

Photo on 5-23-17 at 12.16 PM

Did well-The volume and modulation of my speech is meeting standards, along with my pacing and memorization.

Work On-For my next presentation I have to remember not to sway back and forth, along with remembering to make more expressions.

Shakespeare Day Quote and Insult

Photo on 5-23-17 at 12.18 PM

Did well-My memorizing of the quote and insult was good, along with my positive attitude.

Work On-My costume could have used some work.


Photo on 6-8-17 at 10.57 AM Photo on 6-8-17 at 10.57 AM #2

LA Goals 2016-2017

Quarter 1:

Reading: My reading goal this quarter is to read a variety of different genres including  biographies, humor, realistic fiction, and horror. I will show this with my reading log.

Writing: This quarter my writing goal is to be more concise in my writing. I will show this by having a piece of paper with my word counts from every piece I write.

Photo on 11-9-16 at 12.36 PM

Reflection-Overall I feel I did quite well on this presentation. I now know that for following presentations to prepare more, which will help cut down on my filler words

Quarter 2:

Reading: My reading goal is to be more consistent with my reading and if I miss one night of reading I make up for that later on in the week. I will show this by documenting how long I read every time I read.

Writing: My goal for this quarter is to write a review for every book and movie I see to practice my writing skills I learn in class. I will show this by having a document with all this pieces.

Photo on 2-20-17 at 11.39 AM

Reflection-My presentation was good but going in I wasn’t confident. To help this I will practice more before the presentation. Also to help with completing my goals I will make them more achievable.

Quarter 3:

Reading:My reading goal for quarter three is to read more consistently. To do this I will continue to track my reading in a notes document, and I will also set an alarm to go off every night to remind me that I have to read.

Writing:My writing goal for this quarter is to write a one or two paragraph reflection for the books I read to help me practice my writing skills. I will show this on a word document.

Photo on 4-24-17 at 11.35 AM

Quarter 4:

Reading:My reading goal for quarter three is not to read the same genre twice in a row, which will help with me reading different genres. I will show this on my reading log.

Writing:For my writing goal I will highlight certain sections of the books I read that I feel are well written. I will show this on a word document.

Photo on 6-2-17 at 2.46 PM

Strengths-My felt confident when speaking, which showed in my presentation.

Areas of improvement-I could take more time to prepare my speaking.

Wonder Words Wall

“Calamity” by Brandon Sanders 

Alcove-a recess in a wall

Beanpole-a stick used to grow beans

Enigmatic-hard to comprehend

Paunched-to cut open and remove the organs of an animal

Jowls-the bottom part of someones check

Quadriplegic-the disease when all four limbs are paralyzed

Vindictive- wanting revenge

Mitochondria-the part of the cell that is the cell’s membrane


Throes-intense pain

Contemplative-being involved in a prolonged thought


Fight Club : A Novel” By Chuck Palahniuk

Tamp-a clay ball or brick holding an explosive

Melanoma-a tumor that is sometimes linked to skin cancer

Serenity-being calm or peaceful

Chakras-the center of spiritual in the belief of some Indians

Lesions-an organ in the body that has been damaged

Narcolepsy-a disease where it becomes easy to fall asleep

Mausoleum-a building housing tombs

Condominium-a building or complex with many owned apartments

Aboriginal-the original people of a certain area of land

Damask-a type of fabric

Robin Williams: When the Laughter Stops by Emily Herbert

asphyxia-when the body is deprived of oxygen because of a disease

betokened-to be a sign of

zest-to have a lot of enthusiasm

versatility-being able to adapt

Manic-showing wild excitement

Elicit-evoke or draw out

rectify-to correct something

philanthropic-seeking to help people

mythologizing-to make into a myth

vicissitudes-a change of fortune

soliloquies-to speak thoughts out loud

id-the part of the mind that has impulses

oeuvre-the works of a painter

nadir-lowest point of a persons career

America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t by Stephen Colbert

Muesli-a mix of cereal and dried fruits
egotists-a self centered person
inchoate-something not fully formed
onerous-a difficult task
Distilled-to purifie liquid by vaporizing
Honorifics-a mark of respect
Phlegm-being calm
Anthracite-coal containing pure carbon
Vindictive-wanting revenge
The Dark Tower:The Gunslinger by Stephen King
Conceited-to be proud of yourself
Warrant-a document allowing the police to carry out an action
Furor-public anger
Promulgate-to make known
Ambiguity-not being certain
Apotheosis-the highest point of development
Alkali-a chemical compound that neutralizes acids
Ephemeral-short lasting
Protracted-lasting for a long time
Peripherally-something of minor importance
Cyclorama-a circular picture of a 360 degree scene
Paroxysm-a sudden attack of emotion
Tableau-models representing a historical event
Superimposed-to place something over something else
Transmogrified-to transform in a magical manor
Atavistic-relating to something ancient
Dichotomy-a contrast between two things
Dullard-a dumb person
palaver-a long discussion
antiseptic-donating something to stop a disease
fervently-a passionate intensity
cyclopean-ancient masonry
hardscrabble-hard work
sumac-a shrub
zenith-the sun’s highest point
abnegate-to reject
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Monetary-relating to money
Bravado-a bold manner
Conglomerate-parts put together to make a whole
Self-deprecating-jokingly critical about ones self
Codicils-an addition that explains
Diatribes-a verbal attack
Truncated-shortened by cutting off the top
Inept-having no skill
Axiom-a statement that establishes something
Elation-great happiness
Cacophony-harsh mixture of sound
Frugally-sparring money of food
Ergonomic-something that provides comfort
Star Wars:Catalyst A Rogue One Novel by James Luceno 
Alphanumeric-using both letters and numbers
palpable-something that can be touched
sacrosanct-something too valuable to be interfered with
adroitly-skillful in the hands or mind
cerulean-deep blue in color
enlivened-to make something entertaining
procurements-to obtain something
jubilation-the feeling of happiness
exonerated-to absolve the blame
agape-a wide open mouth
aft-the end of a ship
beleaguered-to lay siege
solicit-to try an obtain
trepidation-a feeling of fear
audacious-having the ability to take strong risks
deluded-to have a misleading belief
gilded-covered in gold paint
lenticular-something shaped like a lentil
sacrosanct-something too important to be changed
animatedly-something full of life
coax-to persuade
ubiquitous-found everywhere
Good Will Hunting by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck
Cruller-small cake made of rich sweetened dough
Fracas-a noisy disterpence
Pomposity-a quality of being pompous
Mundanity-lacking interest
Eigenvectors-a vector gives scalar multiples of itself
Modalities-modal quality
Aptly-appropriate circumstances
Agrarian-relating cultivated land
Arbitrary-based on a random choice
tedium-being tedious
ruefully-expressing regret
idiosyncrasies-peculiar behavior
disseminate-to spread
mitigated-to make less severe
ancillary-providing support

Z for Zachariah by Robert C. O’Brien

mongrel-a dog of an unspecified breed
culvert-a tunnel carrying steam under a railroad
grippe-old term for influenza
intracellular-something occurring in the cells
ionization-converting an ion by removing an electron
anemic-lacking in color
inversion-being inverted
enclave-territory within a territory with distinct cultural difference
carburetor-a device in a combustion engine
eaves-part of a roof that hangs over a wall
cupola-small dome
mollified-someone’s anger
belfry-a bell tower
furtive-attempting to avoid notice
maim-to wound someone to make them permanently damaged
monotony-lack of variety
The Giver by Lois Lowry
jeer- a rude remark
palpable-something that can be touched
transgression-an act that goes against the law
emphatically-in a forceful way
luminous-full of light
dejected-sad and depressed
jaunty-expressing a happy mood
indolence-to avoid activity
conspicuous-clearly visible
furred-an animals fur
luxuriating-to enjoy yourself luxuriously

Lost Stars by Claudia Gray

Mired-a stretch of swamp

Kindred-one family

Iridescent-showing luminous colors


Sty-a place to keep pigs

Bolster-to strengthen



Preparatory-carrying out a task

loping-long strides


quartile-the groups in a society based on a certain variable

disabused-thinking an idea is wrong

dutifully-fulfilling a duty

circuitous-longer than the direct way

waif-a homeless person

decadence-moral or cultural decline


malcontents-a rebellious person

zealous-showing zeal

immaculately-perfectly clean


coax-to persuade using flattery

frills-something sewn into a garment

atrocity-an extremely wicked act

admonished-to warn someone strictly

vindictiveness-wanting revenge

nihilistic-rejecting religious principles

dogma-a set of principles set down by an authority

punitive-inflicting punishment

corroded-to destroy and damage

gaudy-bright or showy

zealous-showing zeal

malice-desire to be evil

feint-a protected blow

Star Wars:Shattered Empire by Greg Rucka

Pathfinders-a person that goes ahead and finds a path

connoisseur-an expert in taste

scoured-a clear surface

variant-a different form of something

commandant-a officer in charge of a certain institution

Old Man Logan by Mark Millar

Sundered-split apart

Morbidly-something abnormal

Environs-surrounding area

Flamboyant-something that attracts attention

Reckon-established by counting

Hillbillies-an unsophisticated country person

Thrawn by Timothy Zahn 

Volition-a power using one’s will

Unsullied-not spoiled

Ascertain-to find something out for certain

Fervently-displaying passion

Eloquence-fluent speaking

Yokel-an uneducated person

malice-the intention to do evil
glowered-having a sullen look
stifling-something so hot it hurts breathing
bureaucratic-relating to the business of running an organization
vectors-having direction as well as magnitude
jowls-the lower part of someones cheek
expatriates-someone that lives outside their local country
prerogative-a right or privilege given to a specific person
matériel-military materials and equipment
stoic-someone who can endure pain and hardship without showing it
Seething-something that bubbles up because it is being boiled
Insipid-a lack of interest

Screenplay:The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd Field

privy-sharing in knowledge

paradigm-typical example

notion-a belief about something

succinctly-briefly expressed

sacrosanct-regarded to be important

fastidious-to be concerned about details

nuances-a subtile difference in meaning

myriad-extremely great number

impedes-to prevent by obstructing

quota-a limited or fixed number

métier-a profession

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher


Coveted-yearn to posses

Cache-a collection of items

Soldiered-a person who serves in an army

Androgynous-partially male and female in appearance


Benignly-gentle kind

 Caveat-a warning in a deal

Hem-edge of a piece of cloth

Brogue-a strong outdoor shoe

Inordinate-usually large

Sardonic-mockingly cynical

Superficially-as to the outward appearance only



Quizlet Vocabulary Tests 

Quiz 1

Photo on 9-8-16 at 10.56 AM Photo on 9-8-16 at 10.57 AM


Quiz 2

Photo on 9-19-16 at 10.52 AM #2 Photo on 9-19-16 at 10.52 AM



Quizlet 3

Photo on 9-23-16 at 2.45 PM #2 Photo on 9-23-16 at 2.45 PM #3


Quizlet 4

Photo on 10-5-16 at 10.49 AM Photo on 10-5-16 at 10.49 AM #2


Quizlet 5

Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.11 PM Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.11 PM #2


Quizlet 6

Photo on 11-14-16 at 1.55 PM Photo on 11-14-16 at 1.56 PM


Quizlet 7

Photo on 1-9-17 at 11.35 AM Photo on 1-9-17 at 11.35 AM #2


Quizlet 8

Photo on 3-22-17 at 1.53 PM Photo on 3-22-17 at 1.53 PM #2 Photo on 3-22-17 at 1.54 PM Photo on 3-22-17 at 1.54 PM #2 Photo on 3-22-17 at 1.54 PM #3


Quizlet 9

Photo on 5-15-17 at 12.08 PM Photo on 5-15-17 at 12.08 PM #2


Quizlet 10

Photo on 5-23-17 at 12.14 PM Photo on 5-23-17 at 12.14 PM #2


Quizlet 11

Photo on 5-31-17 at 10.57 AM Photo on 5-31-17 at 10.57 AM #2

SML Reflection

Episode 1- Unedited

1. What is your topic and why did you choose it?

I chose to do a movie talkshow/podcast. This consists of multiple 1 hour episodes of me and someone else talking about movies and TV.

2. Describe your experience so far: What challenges have you faced? Did you overcome those challenges?

The challenges I have faced so far have all been a technological problem. Ranging from loosing an episode to not being able to work a microphone, these problems have all been fixed by simply asking someone for help or finding something on the internet to help me.

3. Has your project changed so far?

Yes, my project has changed in the way that I have gone from originally wanting 10 episodes to now probably only going to have 5 episodes.

4. What are you proud of so far?

The main thing I am proud of is that I have overcome my technical challenges to make two one hour  episodes.

5. Do you feel creative when you are doing your SML?

Yes, I feel creative because I am talking about my different perspective on movies and TV which requires creativity.

6. Can you share a specific example of your learning?

One example of my learning was when I first downloaded audacity. This program is the program I use to edit my episodes and when I downloaded it I had no clue how to use it. I learned how to use it the hard way, when I accidentally lost an entire episode because I did not know how to save. After this happened I learned how to save and also learned how to work other aspects of audacity.

7. What have you learned about yourself as a learner?

I have learned that when I am learning about something that interests me and something I have a passion for, I learn faster and better.

Best Websites Designs

1. think this website has a good design for several reasons. First I think it is extremely easy to use. This is because of its easy to understand categories to find what you’re looking for. Also I think that if you want to find something quickly it is useful to have an overview of the website at the top. Finally, if you want to look at just the top stories they are very easily accessible in the middle of the website.

.Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 8.21.14 AM website has a good design for three reasons. First of all, being a news website its information needs to be easily accessible which on this website is. Also if you’re not looking for the current news, it gives you a wide variety of news stories from which you could choose from. Finally, the pictures it uses to advertise an article intrigues you just enough to actually read the article.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 8.45.12 AM

3. – This website has an amazing design for several reasons. With great pictures and greatly worded headline, it sparks your interest in the products that the website advertising. Also this website has a color palate that greatly improves this website.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 8.56.04 AM