Book Art Final

  1. Photo on 23-09-2016 at 10.26 am Photo on 23-09-2016 at 10.24 am Photo on 23-09-2016 at 10.24 am #3Photo on 23-09-2016 at 10.25 am
  2. I created a skull because my book is about violence. I made the skull out of tin foil and metal wires to hold the shape. For the “book” I built a pedestal to hold the skull by folding the paper in the book, I also spray painted the book black to make the skull “pop” more.
  3. My book is intact but it’s not readable because I have spray painted it black so the words are covered. My sculpture is not an interactive piece because you can’t flip the pages and there’s nothing to really interact with.
  4. Some strengths I had during this project was experimenting because I tried new things all the time until I found out what look good. A weakness I had was time management because I was always experimenting and didn’t decide what I was doing until further into the project. I ended up improving on, my time management and I finished the project on time.