Maintaining biodiversity

  1. Your choice of Human Impact


What is the negative impact humans have imposed on an ecosystem to study?

Global warming

2. What is the SOLUTION that might maintain biodiversity and the health of the ecosystem?

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  1.  One small thing that can help with decreasing the number of fossil fuels that we use in our everyday life is, we can start taking more public transportation because it requires fewer fossil fuels because when people use public transportation, multiple people use one form of transportation together instead of each of them using their own car.  Another thing you can do is to carpool with some of your friends so you also don’t each use one car to get around.  This can help because when people eliminate the amount of carbon monoxide being released into the air, it will slowly begin to impact global warming.


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2.  Another step people can take is to start decreasing the amount of meat they eat especially beef because when a lot of people keep on eating and eating beef, it indicates to the producers that people like beef and they will continue to produce more and more.  They will enlarge the living space of these animals and increase the population of them vastly.  This is bad for the environment because when cows release gas, they emit a chemical called methane which is very harmful to the environment and causes the same amount of pollution as all transportation combined.  An average omnivore eats about the same amount of food as an average vegetarian but uses 8 times the amount of fossil fuels as the vegetarian, and the vegetarian would use only 300 gallons of water per day while an omnivore uses 4000.  Also, the vegetarian’s annual carbon footprint is around 1.5 tons while the omnivores carbon footprint is about 2.5 tons.  the vegetarian diet uses 5 times less land than the omnivore’s diet, and meaty diets also cause 70% damage to rainforests.    You don’t have to completely cut out meat options, but you can do fun challenges like going vegan for a week or two.  Cutting meat out of your diet is not only good for the environment but is also good for your health in some ways.  For example, the risk of diabetes, strokes, cancer, and heart disease for a vegetarian is actually lower than an omnivore. This is why just decreasing the size of your steak or even doing meatless Mondays can really help and impact the problem of global warming.

  1. Outline WHY it is important to maintain the biodiversity of the ecosystem that is being impacted.

96% of the things we use include fossil fuels, for example, car gas, refrigerators, dishwashers, cooking stoves, and so many more countless things.  Unfortunately, all these things we use causes global warming.  When we burn fossil fuels, the warm polluted air gets trapped into the atmosphere and causes the earth temperature to rise.  At first, people could think that it’s just the temperature that’s changing but its actually causing a lot more damage.  It is causing the Arctic’s ice to melt and make the sea level rise which will give us little space to live and will cause lots of future problems.  It is not only destroying the earth for humans but for our animals and the biodiversity of our ecosystem.  Biodiversity is a very important thing because it helps us humans with so many things.  For example, ecosystem services (provisioning, regulating, cultural, supporting ).  Provisioning services mean that if we don’t maintain the biodiversity of our environment,  So what people can do to decrease the number of fossil fuels we use is, people, can start using more of the natural sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy and a lot more.  We have several choices of natural energy sources but why don’t many people use them?  Some countries like Iceland who is 89% dependent on these natural sources are very good at controlling their use of fossil fuels.  Hopefully, other countries will also start to depend on these natural sources.


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