Separating Mixtures Lab Debrief

Today’s lab focused on how the physical properties of matter could help us separate heterogenous mixtures. Heterogeneous mixtures contain two or more kinds of matter. Each part of the mixture retains its own composition and physical properties.  Scientists may use the physical properties of the different parts to separate a heterogeneous mixture.

 1.  Watch the following clip Chapter7-SeparatingMixtures (after the first section, click “Next” to watch the second section. Continue to click next to play the  “Game Show”)
 2. Based on what you watched in the link above, fill out the following table: (In your science notebook or use lined paper)

3. In today’s lab we used  forceps, magnet, funnel, filter paper, beaker and sieve sets as tools to help separate different parts of a mixture. What other tools could we use to separate mixtures? Try to think of at least 3 more tools.

4. (OPTIONAL) CHALLENGE: Based on what you have learned about physical properties and how to separate mixtures, how would you separate a mixture of salt, sand, iron filings and poppy seeds? Write out your method of separating the mixture and explain which tools and physical properties you would use to do so.

salt                                  sand                     poppy seeds                    iron filings



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