2015 Beijing Day 2: Forbidden City/ Huiling Center

Woken up at 07:30 by the hotel wake up call system, the Tai Tam groups made their way to a grand buffet breakfast in one of Jen’s restaurants. A fine start to the day. Once loaded up with energy and ready to go, the groups then boarded the buses to head towards Tiananmen Square. Upon arrival we were mildly shocked by the amount of other visitors to the area. The mass of people there led us to wonder how many people could actually fit into the entire Square. After we had crossed Tiananmen Square we entered the Forbidden City. An amazing and very historical environment. Wild China had arranged for the students to run through an interactive challenge at which they were to identify key locations within the city and capture explanatory pictures. I am sure you will get to see the variety of images that were taken at these challenges. Quite the opportunity for creative photography 🙂
Exiting the Forbidden City through the North gate, we re-boarded the buses and set off to enjoy a Beijing Duck lunch at the Huajiayiyuan. There was quite a lot of talk about how much we had to walk within the Forbidden City. A surprisingly vast location.
Next stop was the Huiling Center. The students enjoyed the performances provided by the Huiling Center community, particularly Michael’s rendition of Beat it. They responded with a few musical treats from the HKIS Tai Tam group. Lots of singing and dancing and smiling. Once the singing and dancing had calmed the groups participated in some craft work, including friendship bracelets and key chains.
On route to the Hotel we stopped off for great dinner at Sanhelou. Once at the Hotel the students met in small groups to debrief the events of the day, call home and then went off to bed.
The students will rise at 7:00 am in preparation for a trip to the Great Wall in the morning.

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