2015 Beijing Day 1: Acrobat Show

Beijing Day 1:

Here we are, arrived safely in Beijing and currently settled into the Jen Upper East Hotel. The plane trip from Hong Kong was a breeze. The kids were excited to start the journey and everyone looked out for each other along the way. Upon arrival at Beijing airport the movement of Tam Tam through immigration was hassle free with kids enthusiastic about being in China. After an easy immigration process, we were met by Wild China guides and shepherded onto two buses. The five Tai Tam small groups headed off for our first stop- the Chaoyang Theatre to watch the spectacular acrobatic show. Crunching on popcorn the kids were amazed at the performances. The 8 motorbikes cyclically zooming around a round cage was a favorite by all.  Next stop was dinner at the Nanjing Impressions restaurant. We feasted on a variety of Chinese dishes in a great environment.  From there we were back on the buses and off to the hotel to check in. Once checked in we had a brief group meeting to outline tomorrow’s schedule and went off to settle into our rooms for the night. The kids are all happy, safe and sleepy!

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