Photos 2013 – 2014


Solubility and Volume

Solubility and Temperature

Separating Solutions

Separating Mixtures lab

Is It Soluble? Lab

Mixtures and Solutions Lab

Make Room for Me

Boiling Point #2Lab

States of Matter Stations

Density Slope Lab

Energy Transfer in Ecosystems

Owl Pellet Dissection

Photosynthesis Fun

Kingdom Darwinia

Specimen Diversity

Field Study

Random Math Pics

Dyad Challenges :  

Sink/Float Game Show

Snowball Fight

Farewell to Isabella

Chopstick Challenge

Fan the Fish


Dyad and House Events :

Spirit Week: Inner Animal Avatar Day

Spirit Week: First Five Minutes of the Day


Chinese New Year

Teacher Hunt

Sports Day 

House Games

Ice Skating

Service Day at Concordia Lutheran School

Fall Spirit Week

Beach Day

Tai Tam Dyad photos

Stevens PCG

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