Properties of Matter

As we start our Properties of Matter Unit, we need to look at the vocabulary that you will be responsible for knowing. Here is the Glossary for Properties of Matter. Use this below to help you fill in the graphic organizer.

For this activity you need to fill in the Vocabulary Graphic Organizer. You can either do this in your Science notebook or you can type it directly onto the document. You will need to copy and paste some of the boxes so that you have enough. Again, use the vocabulary Glossary that I have provided to get the words AND the definition. Now on the organizer:

  1. Write the word
  2. Give the definition
  3. Get a picture, symbol  or anything visual that represents the word
  4. Give a connection that YOU have to the word – self, text/media, world

As well, we will be working in class so that you know them by quizzing each other, using white boards and incorporating it into your knowledge when answering questions and on assessments.

Standards for the Unit:

  • Understand matter and its physical properties, which are independent of sample size ( (Specifically: density, boiling point and solubility)

Essential Questions for the Unit:

1. Density and how to measure and calculate it

2. Solubility and Mixtures

3. States of matter, boiling point, and melting point.

“Scrapbook” Information

Post with Detailed Directions

Scrapbook Requirements


Glossary for Properties of Matter

Vocabulary Assignment


Why Water Video

Water Video

Physical Properties

Study Jams – Properties of Matter review video

Physical Properties of Matter Lab – break into 2 labs and show the Schlesenger video before (Montage)

Properties of Matter Video – use to begin States of Matter below or after the hook and before the Matter Lab above


Matter, Mass and Volume Videos

Density is a Property of Matter Lab – 2 day lab with graphing and focus questions

Graphing for Density Lab – part of Density is a Property of Matter Lab

Follow-up Questions for Lab – part of Density is a Property of Matter Lab

Density Science Reading – Used for homework

Wa-tar Densities – short lab; focus on accuracy and on why it possibly is not 1.

Archimedes Video – Do after Density is a Property of Matter Lab

Density Video – worksheets for density practice: Density CalculationsDensity Practice 2Density extension  – during this section to practice.

Density Simulator

Density Slideshow and Questions review – good for homework and/or test review

Sink or Float


Bill Nye Buoyancy Video

Salty Lab

States(Phases) of Matter

States of Matter blog post

Changes in the Properties of Matter

States of Matter – Solid, Liquid, Gas

Changes in States of Matter – Safari Montage

Bill Nye Video

CK-12 – Video

Particle Model

KS3 Bitesize Science Particle Model

Boiling Point Lab #1 – need 1 hour. Don’t do back to back with another class.


Solubility Video

Solubility Reading


Solutions Reading and Video

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