Unit 7 Summative Review Guide (6.3/7.1/7.2)

The following are the areas that you need to know for this assessment. All of these are types of problems that we have learned and practiced in class and for homework.

Standard: Expressions and Equations

  • Simplify algebraic expressions, including writing and simplifying expressions to describe the area and perimeter of shapes formed by algebra tiles, as in problems 6-1066-1076-115, and parts (a) and (b) of problem CL6-121, and CL6-126.
  • Calculate the perimeter of shapes composed of rectangles and of algebra tiles, as in problems 6-916-96,6-106, and CL6-121 part (c).
  • Evaluate simple algebraic expressions such as in problems 6-756-1106-115, and CL6-122.

Ratios and Proportions

  • Find and compare rates, including rates presented in different units, as in problem 7‑9 part (c), 7‑19 parts (b) and (c), problems 7‑307-31
  • Divide by portions, as in problems 7-747-647-75
  • Write and simplify expressions with variables and graph, as in problems CL7-131 and CL7-133.

Number System

  •  Interpret and compute quotients of fractions, and solve word problems involving division of fractions by fractions using the Common Denominator method and Super Giant One method as in problems: 7-40,  7-60 ,  7-72, 7- 74 and 7-135.

HERE is a link to all of the answers for these problems.

Math Notes Links:

– these are notes about the concepts that are listed above.


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algebraic expression     coefficient    combining like terms
constant term     equivalent expressions    evaluate
Order of Operations     ratio    rule
simplify     term    variable


Distributive Property equation expression
factor inverse operation multiplicative inverse
quotient ratio rate
reciprocal rule simplify
solve unit rate