Separating Solutions: Desalinization- Inquiry 8 Activity 2, 3 and 4

Today in class you will be learning about separating a homogeneous solution of salt and water. Below are the documents that you will need for this experiment as well as a reading and follow up questions. You will need to do the following:

  1. Open the Inquiry-8-Lab-2-and-Questions  . Watch the Teacher demonstration on Salt Water Desalinization.
  2. Open the document  Separating Solutions Answers  which is a template for you to answer all the questions from activities 2-4 on one document.
  3. Watch the video:    Planet 100:Desalination 101
  4. Read  Inquiry-8-Activity-3-Follow-up-Reading. Answer the questions about the reading on your “Separating Solutions” document.
  5. Answer the Inquiry 8-Activity 4- Focus Questions-for-Separating-Mixtures. Put answers on your “Separating Solutions” document.
  • (Extra – add information about desalinization, techniques for separation, and further research about distillation or other areas related – see links below)

6. Dropbox your “Separating Solutions” document with all of your answers to Activities 2, 3, and 4. (Mydragonnet)

7. Update your scrapbook adding information from these activities into your Separating Mixtures section.

Other helpful links:

Separating Mixtures Reading from CK-12

BBC Bitesize follow up on methods of separating mixtures

Desalinization Reading and Video on the Mining of Brine


Wednesday, March 5

Today is a day 6B day.

Math: Complete Lesson 7.1.1 and start the beginning of Lesson 7.1.2 Today’s lesson continues to focus on comparing rates.

Science: What is the difference between a mixture and a solution? How are they separated? What methods are used to separate things? Below is a video that we watched in class to review what mixtures and solutions are. Thursday’s lab will be about separating mixtures.