MS grows a newspaper

Seventh grader Claire met with Mr Passamonte, asking him if she could set up a MS newspaper. Redirecting her to Ms McCann & Mr Lea, we set the wheels in motion. An interest form was sent to the MS students, and they replied…. en masse.IMG_5028
When asked why she wanted to do this, Claire replies:
Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 6.56.46 PM


“My older brother’s friend works on the HKIS HS Newspaper, I thought it would be interesting for the MS to have one too”


50 + interested students met, signed up for roles & responsibilities. IMG_5029

To realise the MS newspaper dream, student leadership, collaboration, and creativity will be required. This process will definitely include challenges and failures from which the students will learn and grow. Technology and student resilience will support the process. 

Editors have been selected and a meeting prepared to clarify next steps.
We move forward.

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