October 2016, Reflection

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As implied within the image above, we always have a load of paths available at all times.
It amazed me that through the month of October I had 4 class periods. Though far from complaining, holidays and PEAK adventures took precedence.

  • Regardless of a lack of time, October’s seen a focus on aligning our usage of Schoology. A parent education session around Ongoing Reporting / A Schoology Overview was held on Oct 6th in the MS.
    Parent comments highlighted a need to focus on further developing usage consistency across the MS. Operational protocols have been reiterated to the faculty.
    The operation of Schoology is at the forefront of technology focus. We are determined to establish a consistent and effective usage practise across the division.
  • Technology PD opportunities were offered to the support staff on October 17th, 2016. Many sessions were attended and supportive comments received post classes. All tech coaches worked to provide instruction to staff.
  • The sharing / promotional “engagehkis” blog has received a post on our recent grade 8 team and the students demonstrating their learning through the creation of musical instruments. See the post “Getting the Waves” HERE.
  • The Drama production has been an ongoing focus for the after school activity “Tech-Know-Wise” crew as they set up the entertainment technology systems (Sound, light, projection, communication video) for the production. The 15 + group dedicate weeks of daily work towards supporting the event. Show dates are Nov 9 – 12.

November will see more time in class and I am sure, a load more learning and adventure.

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