November 2016, reflection


November has been a month of paying major attention to the operational realities of some of the systems that are in used within the MS.
At this stage let me introduce some marvellous acronyms that HKIS so loves.

  • LMS = Learning Management System – referring to our used Schoology LMS
  • GAFE = Google Apps or Education – referring to our used Google suit.

Fully aware of the importance of these systems within our operation practice and the opportunities these tools offer us as a path forward. We spent a lot of time discussing, investigating, overseeing, supporting and advising.

The result of these focused efforts is that we tightened the usage alignment across the MS. Though always room for improvement, we are leased with what we have done so far.
We will continue to be vigilant and proactive around future usage.

  • The first edition of the DRAGON TIMES launched quietly. The editorial team have been focused and working hard on getting the content created, edited, designed and published.
    Though there is still lots to work on the kids have owned the path forward. We look forward to more.
    Link to it here :
  • The Tech-Know-Wise crew did an amazing job of supporting the production of the drama production “First World Problems”. The crew’s time commitment, creative spirit, collaborative mindset and focus. Not to mention their technical skill growth were encouraging to see. Our use of increased projection systems were refined again as we master what we can through such technical option. As the team leader I am repeatedly amazed at what the Tech-Know-Wise crew of students do regardless of being so young. I’ve worked with adults in the professional entertainment world who try far less than they did.
    I take my hat of to all of them. Even though I don’t wear a hat 🙂
  • Our budget plans for the following year have bene placed and we look forward to optimistically getting approval for the requested items.
  • The Communication and Media elective class are preparing a paperless campaign to remind our community that we need to think green before we print. The usage statistics that will be shared are worrying to say the least.
    More to follow on that one.
  • The grade 7 LA classes are driving the use of digital media as they serge through the use of multimedia in an advertising unit. The students are being facilitated through the process of promoting a product in a media rich world.
  • The Robotics and Coding classes have just run a “Petting Zoo” at which Lower Primary students came to pet middle school created interactive pets in a petting zoo placed within the BBT.
    Brilliant to see the smiles on the LP students as they interact with these robotical pets. A further blog post will feature this project soon in “engagehkis“.
    So, more to follow.

… and of course we prepare for xmas and all of its festivities. tis the season of concerts.

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