Support resources for video making

So you’re about to launch into making a video – great fun.
A truly useful thing to do is to consider and clarify what you want your end product to look like.
“When I hit the play button it will look like ….”    visualise the answer.

Clarify what you want it to be carefully and in detail.

Respect the planning process greatly. The more time and energy and detail you place within the planning / storyboarding process, the easier it will be to capture the scenes.
Spend suitable time creating the storyboard – ask others for opinions – a lot.

Having seen 100s of student films, i strongly believe that vital areas to pay attention to include:

  • Camera frame and motion quality
  • Recorded sound quality
  • Location suitability
  • Costume and prop usage

Pay huge attention to the details of your work and do all you can to ensure the visual and audible quality of your elements are brilliant. That way the editing process and finished product should be fine.

Making videos / films takes time and commitment and deserves a focus towards quality. It’s also great fun, hugely collaborative and can be massively powerful as a communication tool.
Go for it.

Here’s a few resources that support the video making process.

Idea Development

A Design Thinking version:

Shot Types – what are they?


Storyboard Templates

  • Portrait Storyboard template (10 pages) – HERE
    • 4 frames per page
  • Landscape Storyboard template (6 pages) – HERE
    • 2 frames per page
    • lots of room for details / notes per frame
    • includes Student & Teacher comment section
      student teacher commenting)


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