January 2017, Reflection

The month of January: a fresh month, a new year, a load of work…

    • Set up the checking of Schoology usage preferences with all MS students. A survey was sent out and the students replied. We will be sorting data and reacting to it within quarter three.
    • Welcomed and presented technology and digital citizenship expectations to the six new families to the MS. We adjusted the way we ran the session encouraging a more hands on approach to having students meet the expectations of the sessions. The use of Schoology to share documentation was used and seemed an effective way to get the parents seeing and using Schoology whilst receiving information as required.
      We will consider doing so at the start of the next school year.
    • Collaboratively provided feedback to summative video projects for grade 7 Language Arts with Ms Carter.
      This was an opportunity for the students to develop some visual and technical literacy through applying advertising, persuasion and promotional methods in a video communication, promoting a festive product.
      As with many of these projects, having sufficient time for the students to build a quality product is vital. In this case we managed to provide suitable time.  Successfully applying design thinking steps helped guide the student’s concept development and storyboarding.
      It also remains a challenge to get students to be sufficiently reflective on the quality of their work.
    • Provided 2 Google PD sessions, repeated as previously offered sessions coincided with MS Parent Conferences resulting in MS teachers being unavailable.
      Frustratingly only a few joined. We will look at better ways to provide PD to the teachers.
    • Provided technical support to Grade 8 Social Studies students as they prepare to create video based Ed Ted talks video projects.
    • Create a set of Generic Video Project resources to be used with students projects associated with using video as the project format.
      The resource set resides in Google Drive and is prepared to be shared as Google Drive folder, Blog Post or Schoology Course folder. Sharable at request.
      Blog Post resources are HERE
      Google Drive folder is HERE
    • Provided personalised technical support to MS Admin around the use of issued iPad Pro units (9″)
    • Allocated more iPad pro units to the Grade 6 iPad Pro trial group. The 5 Grade 6 teachers now have the numbers of iPads we proposed at the end of last year. I look forward to seeing the usage patterns. We will track the patterns through semester 2.
      At this stage the Apple Pencil is the likely component that is the game changer with these units.
      I will provide a report closer to Easter on the iPad progress.
    • The media class have created a sequence of slides that have communicated information around needing to become increasingly paperless within HKIS.
      This information is below:

I wish you all the very best through the year of the Rooster.

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