February 2017, reflection

  • Supporting grade 6 science with the capture and presentation of kenetic and potential energy. The students created paper rollercoasters for marbles. They were required to video and photograph the marbles path capturing positions of highest and lowest potential and kinetic energy.
    Using video editing software the students then recorded a narrative explaining what was happening. The edited video was then shared with the teacher.
    It’s great to see the kids using a mass of resources whilst working and communicating. The energy levels were very high through out the process.
  • Provided iPad Pro units to curriculum areas for their experimentation with how these tools can add value to the students educational processes. iPads Pro units were issued to :
    • MS Mandarin department (3) for experimentation.
    • MS Art Teacher (1) for experimentation.
    • MS Tech Teacher (1) department for experimentation.
    • MS Culinary Arts teacher (1) for experimentation.
    • MS Science (7/8) (1) for experimentation.
  • Worked with ETS to refine the documentation used to track and manage the iPads and associated App purchases and allocation. This feels very satisfying as we have made progress regarding the organisation of associated components.
  • Continue to clarify and align the stream of technology courses through the school – LPS – HS
  • Worked with the Language Department to provide them with suitable headset units to support their language programs. Interestingly the teacher have requested blue tooth units to facilitate  ubiquitous options
  • Continue to monitor the use of Schoology across the MS. This overview of usage trends and operation width provides us great insight into how to best support and provide future training for the MS.
    In discussions with the MS administration, discussed the pros and cons of using a single gradebook across the MS in the future. The administration are closer to communicating a decision to the faculty.
  • Provided a Schoology and Power School Parent Education session that provided a general overview of the 2 heavily used application.
    The presentation used were shared HERE
  • Discussed with the HS ETS the provision of network camera systems to support the after school football programs and their want to get access to overhead camera coverage of the field action for educational feedback application. This of course is something that can be used in the divisional PE curriculum too.
    This is an ongoing investigation at this stage.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed participating in A Design Thinking conference hosted at the HS combining the minds of secondary, higher & further education professionals around the topic of Design Thinking. Thought stretching conversations were had that clarified the benefit and wide usage of the associated processes.
    One of the big questions for me is the notion of assessing  the Design Thinking process and weather or not this should be assed. In my opinion – summative assessment on process components – NO
    Formative feedback throughout the process – absolutely.
    Another interesting component was the discussion around Design Thinking’s “Empathy” A crucial process which I fear a lot bypass today due to an impatient disposition. Through awareness of and action towards the wider term of empathy we provide the option for quality and connection.
    That has to be a good thing.
    The group agreed that the discussions should stay alive and we should meet again.
    I’m in.
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