Lighting Information / Tips

Below is some information around lighting.
In place of reinventing the wheel, or rather representing the wheel…
I thought I’d aim to share some the great resources already out there on the dear old www.
Wise words from cinematographer John Alton’s
“Lighting strives to bring out the following values:

1. Orientation – to enable the audience to see where the story is taking place.
2. Mood or feeling (season of year and time of day)
3. Pictorial beauty, aesthetic pleasure.
4. Depth, perspective, third dimensional illusion.”
From John Alton’s “Painting With Light

Here’s a great video from a great blog, Through the Lens : with Chris Weaver.
It shows light changes really clearly.

See their Blog “THROUGH THE LENS”

Film Lighting Tutorial from Lights Film School on Vimeo.

Below’s another great video from Simon Cade from DSLRguide where he talks to how great things can be done with little equipment. So true.

See their You Tube Channel DSLR GUIDE

Below’s another goodie from Film Riot. It gets a little promotional towards the end – some great examples of the impact little changes make.

See their YouTube Channel : FILM RIOT 

Also see this post “Useful information when making video” : HERE


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